Development Projects

This is Ginninderry’s home of Development Projects, designed to transparently share information about short and long-term projects that will impact residents and the wider community.

Retrospective Project information will be added over time while we endeavour to upload new Projects and information as either becomes available.


26 October 2023Construction Commencement - Spofforth Street Intersection
12 July 2023Riverside Parkland – DA Public Notification Commenced

Concludes on Wednesday, 2 August 2023.

23 June 2023Biodiversity Certification Assessment Report (BCAR) – NSW Land – Public Exhibition

Yass Valley Council advised the draft BCAR is suitable for public exhibition

5 April 2023Drake-Brockman Drive Upgrades – Drake-Brockman Drive Engagement

In preparing the Development Application, Ginninderry is currently engaging local Drake-Brockman Drive residents with consultation open until 26 May 2023.

Current Projects

Strathnairn Garden Commons

Status: Design & Planning
Responsible Entity: Canberra Food Forestry

Biodiversity Certification Assessment Report (BCAR) – NSW Land

Status: Final BCAR Submitted
Responsible Entity: Riverview Projects (ACT)

Future Projects

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