From the community to the home, and a lot in between, here we explore the features that enhance and future-proof life at Ginninderry – Canberra’s most sustainable community.

In the Community

  • E-Bikes


    Ginninderry has partnered with BYKKO, Australia’s first electric bike share company, to provide an environmentally friendly form of transportation. Our fleet of electric bikes has a range of 60km and can reach speeds of up to 25km/h.

    The e-bikes are free for the first two hours and can be unlocked via the BYKKO App by scanning the QR code at the docking station. Make the most of Ginninderry’s dedicated network of cycle paths and discover the joy of e-bikes. The docking station can be found at the entrance to The Link.

  • Free WiFi - The Link

    Free WiFi - The Link

    At The Link, Ginninderry’s Community and Information Centre, residents and the wider community can stay connected courtesy of the free wifi. Connect to 'Ginninderry Guest' and enjoy.

  • Free WiFi - Strathnairn

    Free WiFi - Strathnairn

    Beyond The Link, residents and visitors can stay connected while exploring Ginninderry’s first suburb, Strathnairn. Need wifi while BBQing at Paddys Park? No problem! Simply connect to 'Ginninderry_Free_Wifi' and enjoy.

  • Ginninderry Conservation Trust App

    Ginninderry Conservation Trust App

    The Ginninderry Conservation Track App allows you to learn about the Ginninderry Conservation Corridor's flora and fauna while strolling along the first track from Shepherds Lookout to The Link.

    With a guided tour, points of interest and culturally significant stories, the best way to experience the walking track is with the app.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging

    Electric Vehicle Charging

    Part of the vision of Ginninderry is to future-proof the community by investing in infrastructure.

    An example of this investment is by way of our public EV charging stations already installed at The Link and Strathnairn Arts Association, with plans for more to be installed as Ginninderry grows.

  • Community Scale Battery

    Community Scale Battery

    As part of Ginninderry’s commitment to renewable energy and with Strathnairn being the ACT's first all-electric suburb, CWP Storage has been working closely with Evo energy and Ginninderry to trial community-scale energy storage solutions to reduce the need for traditional network upgrades.

    The size of the battery is equivalent to two Tesla car batteries and can store 275kWh of energy whilst sustaining 250kW of power for 1 hour. The battery, including all electrical and safety equipment, will be housed in a purpose-built enclosure which have been designed to look like the adjacent kiosk substation.

In the Home

  • Home Energy Management System

    Home Energy Management System

    As a part of Ginninderry’s Housing Design Requirements, each home is required to install a Home Energy Management System (HEMS).

    A HEMS shows you the solar power your home is making and how you are using it. This system not only tracks your energy use but also makes decisions about when and how to use energy. These decisions are based on weather conditions, electricity prices and typical energy consumption each day.

  • Aerial of the GX Display Village

    Solar Photovoltaics (PV)

    As Strathnairn and Macnamara are fully electric suburbs, each home is required to install solar panels.

    By installing solar panels on the roof of each home, residents are able to future-proof their way of living, making this a worthwhile investment for all involved. As there is no gas connection to Ginninderry homes, it is beneficial for residents to install solar panels to reduce ongoing energy costs.

  • NBN

    Strathnairn and Macnamara are NBN-connected suburbs, meaning there is an NBN pit ready to be connected to every new home at Ginninderry.

  • Green Driveways

    Green Driveways

    Grass-cel driveways can be a great way to create more space to play, make your yard cooler, and reduce water runoff.

    Manufactured in Australian and made by an Australian owned and operated company, these turf pavers are designed to support the weight of heavy vehicles and pedestrian traffic. The Grass-cel hexagonal cells allow grass roots to grow downwards and prevent soil from being compacted. The cells are made from recycled plastic and certified by GECA – Good Environmental Choice Australia.

  • Air-Conditioning


    While it is always best to design a home to take advantage of the natural environment (wind and sun), reverse cycle air conditioners (RCACs) are a relatively efficient form of heating.

    RCACs (sometimes called heat pumps) produce about one-third the greenhouse gas emissions of standard electric heaters. Energy Rating Labels are used to help you choose the most efficient models.

    Each unit will have a heating (COP) and cooling (EER) rating. The higher the rating, the more energy you will save. Ginninderry requires that any RCACs installed must have a minimum EER (Cooling) of 3.5 and COP (Heating) of 3.5.

  • Home Automation

    Home Automation

    Control everything in your home from one device.

    The home automation system allows you to control your lighting, heating, cooling and appliances through a smart app and voice control. It is a scalable, wireless home automation solution. The system allows for natural lighting, motion, humidity, UV and vibration monitoring.

  • LED Lighting

    LED Lighting

    While some find it best to avoid downlights, LED lights provide a more efficient alternative to traditional halogen downlights.

  • Security


    With a Video Doorbell at your door and Security Cams around the house, Security Systems allow you to monitor every corner of your property.

  • Solar Battery Storage

    Solar Battery Storage

    Household solar battery systems store the excess power you generate with your PV system, letting you use the power when the sun isn’t shining. Although battery storage is not a requirement in Ginninderry, it is definitely something to consider.

  • Heat Pump Hot Water System

    Heat Pump Hot Water System

    A heat pump hot water system is the way to go if you're looking for an energy-efficient means of providing your home with hot water.

    Hot water heat pumps harvest natural energy from the air to efficiently create hot water. Unlike solar-powered systems, hot water heat pumps in Australia don't rely on a steady supply of sunlight in order to operate. Instead, they work at all times of the day or night and in all weather conditions.

  • Solar Powered Skylight

    Solar Powered Skylight

    The VELUX solar powered skylight provides daylight and controlled ventilation. It features a solar panel that charged the concealed battery-operated control system. It includes a sensor that automatically closes the skylight once rain is detected and also includes a timer function.

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