Building Resources

A go-to guide for designing and building your home at Ginninderry.

We understand that building a new home is an exciting time. To help make the process as smooth as possible, our building resources guide brings together all technical, planning and compliance resources in one place.

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NOTICE: As part of the ACT’s new planning system, Canberra now has a new interim Territory Plan, which was implemented on 27th November 2023. The interim Territory Plan includes some key changes to planning controls, such as:

  • Changes to side setback controls for large blocks
  • Implementation of Living Infrastructure rules on all blocks, including open space, planting area and tree canopy requirements.  
  • Changes to the controls for Site Coverage on all blocks.
  • Changes to the solar building envelope requirements for large blocks.

Your designer/builder should be aware of these changes when designing your new home.


Design Team Tips

Building on Slope

This video will provide helpful information from the Ginninderry Design Team about building on a sloping block of land.