Subdivision & Civil Construction for Strathnairn School

Status: DA Approved
Responsible Entity: Ginninderry Joint Venture

Project Timeline

Community Consultation

August 2022

ACT Government Agency Circulation

October 2022

Estate Development Plan (EDP) Development Application Lodged

December 2022


EDP Development Application Approved

i.e. Subdivision Development Application

early July 2024

Anticipated Construction Commencement

late 2024

Anticipated Construction Completion

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Ginninderry prepared this development application to support the subdivision application in the creation of a 5ha primary school block, a public open space block incorporating a water quality control pond and the associated extension of McClymont Way to link up with Asimus Avenue. This subdivision application was approved to create two blocks of land, a road extension and upgrades, including the signalisation of the McClymont Way and Pro Hart Avenue intersection.