Macnamara Estate Development Plan 2

Status: DA Submitted
Responsible Entity: Ginninderry JV

Project Timeline


Consultation on Macnamara EDP1 and Masterplan


Macnamara EDP1 Detailed Design and Construction

Q2 2023

Macnamara EDP2 Documentation Preparation

26 July - 9 August

Consultation on Macnamara EDP2

Q3 2023

Anticipated Macnamara EDP2 Submission


Anticipated Macnamara EDP2 Approval



Project Updates

29 November 2023Public Consultation Concluded

Commencing on 2 November 2023.

26 July 2023Pre-DA Consultation Commenced

Project Background

Ginninderry are preparing to submit the second Estate Development Plan (i.e. subdivision) Development Application (EDPDA) for Macnamara Neighbourhood 02 (N2) for lodgment anticipated in the third quarter of 2023. The EDPDA is an early step in the site development process and will identify block boundaries, site services, roads and land use to facilitate future land release. 

Ginninderry are now seeking your feedback on the second EDPDA for Macnamara N2 to create a meaningful and sustainable community environment. The site has been identified for housing, a local centre and a series of open spaces. 

At this stage, the built form does not form part of this consultation process or EDPDA submission. There will be further opportunities to comment on the built form of the housing blocks when the Development Application is put forward in the future. Subsequent DAs will be subject to notification processes for the detailed design of future buildings.  

To enable future development in the area, an associated Development Application, referred to as Offsite Works, will be delivered as a part of the consultation process for Macnamara EDPDA. To read more about this Development Application, please click here 

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