As the Ginninderry development evolves, we will support programs designed to improve the education, social, and economic outcomes of residents in the local area.

Arts initiatives at Ginninderry

Our arts initiatives are designed to inspire culture and community by providing residents with the opportunity to pursue their creative passions through participation in workshops, initiatives and collaboration with artists from the Strathnairn Arts Association Precinct.

From the establishment of local groups such as the With One Voice choir, to a Design Library featuring 60 artworks by prominent artists that can be incorporated into building elements at no extra charge, our arts initiatives deliver opportunities that showcase and celebrate creativity.

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The Art Space

The Link Art Space provides exhibition space to artists, schools and community groups for the cost of just $100 (to cover cleaning costs for the period of the exhibition). With access to the Foyer, external spaces and other areas subject to approval, the space also features moveable screens and plinths. Exhibitors can also have an online exhibition running concurrently with the actual exhibition.

Available spaces within The Link can be viewed here.

This is a low cost and community focussed art-space, to submit an expression of interest follow the link below, and for further details contact

Expression of interest
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Ginninderry Design Library

To support our commitment to building quality open spaces that enhance the public realm, we have established a Design Library that features 81 designs created by eight prominent regional artists, Geoff Farquhar-Still, Claire Shepherd (Primrose), G.W. Bot, Jazz and Kristal Matthews, Kayannie Denigan, Leah Brideson and Rayne Huddleston. These designs are available at no cost to approved architects and builders, to use as feature elements for façade designs, signage, seating, walkways and other buildings in the public domain.

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Public Art

Through our unique connection to the arts, Ginninderry is a development like no other. Our commitment to creative endeavours is showcased through the integration of public art throughout our precinct, that reflects our unique location and identity. Our Public Art Reference Group assesses proposed art installations and designs with the involvement of the community.

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • CIT Student Exhibition - 27 June - 8 August 2023

    CIT Student Exhibition - 27 June - 8 August 2023

    An exciting exhibition of Students from the Canberra Institute of Technology Certificate 4 and Diploma of Visual Arts programs. This exhibition will include Drawing, Painting, Print-making, Sculpture, Digital Art, Mixed Media.

  • MyGinninderry Photography Exhibition - 8 August 2023 to 17 September 2023

    MyGinninderry Photography Exhibition - 8 August 2023 to 17 September 2023

    This biennial exhibition arose from the successful MyGinninderry Photography Competition held during the September-October 2021 COVID-19 Lockdown in the ACT.
    This competition produced many beautiful photographs from the community, and it was decided to bring some of the top entries to the public through an exhibition.
    In 2023 we will again reveal a love for the landscape and community of Ginninderry. Through residents’ eyes, we see what is valued in the places they live, work and play; most notably, an appreciation for the natural landscape around Ginninderry and the stunning sunsets over the Brindabella Mountain Ranges.

    Look out for how you can be included in this fantastic opportunity!

  • Senthan Ponniah Photography - 18 September 2023 to 29 October 2023

    Senthan Ponniah Photography - 18 September 2023 to 29 October 2023

    I am Senthan Ponniah who is an anaesthetist, call Canberra as my home for the last 25 years. I am delighted to present my landscape photography exhibition, featuring stunning images captured from my travels around Australia and a few places in the world. As an anaesthetist, my profession requires me to have a calm and focused approach to my work, and I find that my hobby of landscape photography allows me to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature.

    Through my lens, I have been able to capture the breathtaking scenery of mountains, forests, lakes, and oceans, revealing the diversity and magnificence of our planet. From the rugged landscapes to the serene beauty of the Australian Outback, my images aim to transport you to some of the most spectacular corners of the world.

    My passion for photography has given me a renewed appreciation for the natural world and a greater understanding of the importance of preserving our environment. I hope that my photographs inspire you to explore the world around us and to appreciate the beauty that is often hidden in plain sight.

    Thank you for joining me on this visual journey, and I hope that my photographs bring you as much joy as they have brought me.

  • Caring for Country - Wilay Designs - 31 October to 10 December 2023

    Caring for Country - Wilay Designs - 31 October to 10 December 2023

    Wilay Designs, is a creative partnership between Kristal and Jazz- we're two Ngunawal sisters specialising in canvas and digital art.

    “Our art exhibition, ‘Caring for Country’, explores the concept of taking care of the land, environment, and the animals that inhabit it.

    We will have both painted acrylic on canvas artworks and prints of digital art that represent Ngunawal Country and the animals found on Country. The exhibition aims to remind visitors of their responsibility to care for Country and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

    The paintings highlight the significance of the land and animals to our culture. Our hope is that visitors will leave the exhibition not only feeling inspired but with a renewed sense of respect and responsibility for Country and for us all to continue doing our part in looking after it.”

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