Ginninderry is an innovative and sustainable community that has gained international recognition for inspiring a new way of living. With the mighty Murrumbidgee River
on one boundary, Ginninderra Creek on another, and the Brindabellas providing a majestic backdrop, Ginninderry is a place like no other.

The shape of things to come.

Ginninderry is planned to be home to more than 30,000 people in 11,500 homes, spanning four suburbs.

As the current gateway to Ginninderry, residents can enjoy the tree-lined Pro Hart Avenue that connects pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, and cars to local facilities, like future schools and shops, open spaces, a community garden and The Link.


The Link is Ginninderry’s dedicated community and information centre located within the Strathnairn Arts Precinct. Named after the original homestead, Strathnairn is filled with a sense of history and belonging. With a diverse range of housing choices, there is a home for everyone to enjoy what the suburb currently and is planned to offer: a neighbourhood park, primary school, shops and the first access point to the Ginninderry Conservation Corridor.

Eventually home to 4,800 people, Ginninderry’s second suburb of Macnamara is named after Dame Jean Macnamara. Dame Macnamara contributed significantly to medical science in Australia and was committed to improving the lives of children suffering from the viral disease poliomyelitis. With green spaces, play spaces and a general feeling of being engulfed by its natural surroundings, Macnamara residents will feel connected to their community and the natural environment.


With the Brindabellas as a backdrop, the Ginninderry Conservation Corridor will be your escape. A riverside park is planned as a gateway to the Corridor where the community will be able to enjoy a network of walking tracks, birdsong, protected fauna and access to the mighty Murrumbidgee River. All-in-all, Ginninderry will offer its residents a new way of living.

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Ginninderry timing

Ginninderry includes land in both the ACT and NSW. For the development to occur, the land on both sides of the border was rezoned. The ACT Territory Plan Variation (DV351) was approved in 2015 with an amendment to the National Capital Plan announced in July 2016. Planning and discussions with the community have been ongoing since 2013 for both the ACT and NSW components of the project site.


The NSW component of the project,  known as the Parkwood Planning Proposal, was officially approved by the NSW Government in July 2020.

Construction of the first suburb of Strathnairn is well underway, with approximately 1,300 residents now calling the area home. The first stage of Macnamara commenced civil construction in mid-2022, and the first residents are expected to call Macnamara home in 2024.


Construction in NSW is not expected to commence until 2033 at the earlier. The final suburb is expected to commence construction in 2043, with the final dwelling expected to complete in approximately 30 years.

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