Awarded for leading the way in Inclusion

7 DecemberBy Ginninderry Project Team

Each year the Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards provide the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the outstanding work being done in our community to include and engage people with disability.

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The power of induction cooking

3 DecemberBy Ginninderry Project Team

Our team recently visited Alaine Chanter at Foodish Cooking School to see induction cooking in action. Here, well known chef David Wei from Mr Wei's Restaurant, shows us why professional chefs are choosing induction cooktops over other options.

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SPARK Hospitality Pre-Employment Program 2018

29 NovemberBy Emma Sckrabei

Congratulations to the participants of the SPARK Hospitality Pre-Employment Program, who graduated today. Well done to all for your hard work and commitment. Here's a few snapshots of their journeys.

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Down Syndrome Awareness Month

5 NovemberBy Ginninderry Project Team

Thanks to WIN News Canberra for capturing this story on Down Syndrome Awareness Month featuring some of our incredible staff. Down Syndrome Awareness Month has been particularly meaningful for employees at property developer Ginninderry Community.

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Springfest 2018

28 OctoberBy Ginninderry Project Team

Canberra put on a beautiful day for this year's Springfest at Ginninderry and Strathnairn Open Day. Thank you to all of our fabulous local artists, musicians and food & craft stallholders for bringing The Link to life with your gourmet dishes, talents and wares.

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A family affair on Fairbrother Street!

19 OctoberBy Ginninderry Project Team

It was fantastic to welcome Tony and Ros Fairbrother to Gininderry this week and take them out on site to the future Fairbrother Street in Strathnairn. The street has been named after Tony’s brother Dr Jeffory Graham Fairbrother AM (1934–2015) Pictured: From left: Steve Osarek, Huon Contractors with Tony and Ros Fairbrother   Jeff Fairbrother made a significant contribution to the poultry industry through research and advisory roles, and the development of regulatory policies on animal health and welfare, food safety standards, quarantine and biosecurity.

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Excitement in the air today with Ginninderry’s first major auction a success

18 OctoberBy Ginninderry Project Team

Three terrace packs and one multi-unit site went under the hammer today with all four parcels of land being snapped up by local builders. Located in Stage 1, the land is adjacent to the existing Strathnairn Arts precinct and the future community recreation park, with easy access to the natural attractions that set Ginninderry apart.

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Exhibition: Towards Abstraction

Saturday 10 November 2018

Tin Shed Art Group (TSAG) is a changing group of artists who have been presenting annual exhibitions for the past twenty four years. Each year they select a theme that is interpreted by the artists using their unique viewpoints and styles.

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October update: Stage 1 Drake Brockman Drive road changes and upgrade now complete

10 OctoberBy Ginninderry Project Team

Works along Drake Brockman Drive are now completed as part of a three-stage approach to the upgrade and enhancement of the road corridor. The Stage 1 upgrade works focused on the implementation of Local Area Traffic Management measures which are specially designed to address existing driver behaviour and safety issues along the corridor.

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Springfest 2018

Sunday 28 October 2018

In conjunction with Strathnairn Arts Open Day, SPRINGFEST will be held at The Link on 28 October, from 10am-4pm. Markets Earth-friendly markets, hosting local makers who use sustainable materials and methods, as well as pre-loved treasures, and a range of food including multicultural offerings.

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Exhibition: Waterways

Thursday 27 September 2018

Waterways is a new exhibition of works by five artists exploring the theme of waterways, examining life on the lake, the fleeting moments of nature, seaside architecture, travel and separation.

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Ginninderry Living Lab represented in Geneva

7 SeptemberBy Ginninderry Project Team

The Ginninderry Living Lab is an extremely exciting part of this new community. The Ginninderry Living Lab provides a framework to allow long term research programs to occur over the lifetime of the 40-year project to explore and deliver best practice thinking over time.

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Creating the fabric of streets through patterns

28 AugustBy Ginninderry Project Team

What is it about some suburbs or towns or even cities that permeates them with their sense of place, their air of uniqueness, that feeling that there’s nowhere else in the world quite like this.

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Sustainable House Day 2018

Sunday 16 September 2018

The Link located in our first suburb Strathnairn will be holding tours, talks and demonstrations for the public on Sustainable House Day -  Sunday, 16  September.

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Cat containment areas expand to protect Canberra's native wildlife

15 AugustBy Ginninderry Project Team

Ginninderry  has today welcomed the new ACT Government cat containment legislation with Conservation Manager, Jason Cummings saying, “Our Ginninderry Conservation Corridor is being established to protect endangered wildlife and provide recreation opportunities for our community.

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A Hat of Many Dreams

Saturday 25 August 2018

“A Hat of Many Dreams” is a contemporary collection of portraits and stories depicting individuals of our Canberra here and now. For almost three years, Akka Ballenger Constantin has spent her time interviewing and photographing people from all walks of life, hoping to open an honest dialogue by exploring their dreams: current and forgotten ones.

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Westfield’s new Local Hero creating SPARKs for local people

13 AugustBy Ginninderry Project Team

  After helping to create some 175 jobs and over 200 work experience opportunities for local people, Ginninderry’s Emma Sckrabei has today been chosen from 23 entrants, as one of the three winners in the Westfield Local Heroes program – an initiative which recognises the work of those who promote social well-being and harmony in our community.

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Legends Continue to Grow with Ginninderry

10 AugustBy Ginninderry Project Team

Since the Ginninderry Joint Venture began its community partnership with the Belconnen Magpies Football Club (BMFC) in 2017, the Little Legends Auskick and the Legendary Girls programs have done nothing but grow, not only in size but also in their sense of community.

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Clothing Revival by Jane Milburn of Textile Beat

Saturday 16 June 2018

We explore fresh ways of dressing by upcycling existing natural-fibre garments. The clothing surplus in wardrobes and op shops presents a creative opportunity to revive, adapt and mend garments to suit ourselves while exploring unique style.

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Drake Brockman Drive road changes and upgrades

5 JuneBy Ginninderry Project Team

As part of Ginninderry’s first stage of works for the new suburb of Strathnairn, residents in west Belconnen who use Drake Brockman Drive (DBD), would have recently noticed changes along this corridor.

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Conservation Council World Environment Day Dinner

2 JuneBy Ginninderry Project Team

Ginninderry proudly sponsors the ACT Region Conservation Council. The team attended the conservation council’s World Environment Day Dinner on Saturday June 2 and got to meet some other very interesting guests; a pair of endangered lizards, the Grasslands Earless Dragon and Striped Legless Lizard.

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New Music Program for Capital Region schools

31 MayBy Ginninderry Project Team The Canberra Symphony Orchestra (CSO) have just launched their new Music in MY School program at schools across the Capital Region and Yass Valley Shire, providing inspiring and meaningful classical music experiences to school students and their teachers.

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Celebrating Reconciliation Week at Strathnairn and The Link

29 MayBy Ginninderry Project Team

Ginninderry acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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ZUU Community Bootcamp

Sunday 3 June 2018

ZUU IS ABOUT MORE THAN FITNESS Movement is the foundation of all humans - with reduced movement comes higher injury risk. Have you thought of the impact being injured could have in your life? Many people carry injuries from traditional training.

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The Future at Ginninderry: Parkwood ReGeneration Precinct

24 MayBy Ginninderry Project Team

Part of the vision for the Ginninderry development is to “ReGenerate” the large ex-Government site on Parkwood Road to create a fantastic green open space surrounded by places and spaces for cafes, performances, artisans and cottage industry.

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Breathe Easy – A Northbourne Avenue Study

20 MayBy Ginninderry Project Team

Since 2011 Riverview Group has proudly supported the ACT Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards and sponsored the Young Environmentalist Award. In 2017 Ginninderry’s Community and Cultural Planner, Susan Davis first met Ben Maliel, the recipient of a High Commendation at the ACT Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards 2017.

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Exhibition: A Change of Clothes

Thursday 24 May 2018

A Change of Clothes is an immersive exhibition that raises awareness of the devastating environmental and social impacts of global fast fashion and presents options for how consumers can dress for good.

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Trees of Ginninderry

15 MayBy Ginninderry Project Team

Trees play a vital role in determining the character of any new or established development. Recognised for their healing properties and mind-body health benefits, recent findings are also purporting the role of trees in reducing urban heat and increasing property values; but when all is said and done, it is large canopy trees and lush greenery that make for a beautiful streetscape.

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Construction commences on Canberra’s newest masterplanned development

27 AprilBy Ginninderry Project Team

Construction work has begun on the Capital Region’s newest master planned development representing a major milestone for the Ginninderry project, which is set to deliver a substantial proportion of Canberra’s greenfield land supply and offering affordable, sustainable and innovative housing.

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Incorporating Active Travel principles into Ginninderry

24 AprilBy Ginninderry Project Team

Active travel is any mode of travel that involves physical activity and is an effective way to incorporate exercise into your daily life. Active travel is a way of getting around that’s better for the environment, better for you, and safer for everyone.

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Response to Ginninderra Falls Association, Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park: Information Note 57

23 AprilBy Ginninderry Project Team

On the 21st of April 2018 the Ginninderra Falls Association posted the following item on the GFA web site: Murrumbidgee - Ginninderra Gorges National Park: Information Note 57 Submitted by Darryl Seto on Sat, 21/04/2018 - 4:00pm As reported in the Canberra Times on 2 April "The joint venture behind the huge Ginninderry cross-border residential development has applied for an environmental impact statement exemption for the vast bulk of the land release on the territory side of the border.

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Exhibition: Songs from my grasslands

Saturday 21 April 2018

“Songs from my grasslands” is a project born from the synaesthetic collaboration of two local artists sharing their mutual passion for arts. The Grasslands are the special headspace where Akka Ballenger Constantin spends a lot of her time, wandering with a camera in her hand.

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The Long-Term Benefits of Switching to Solar

20 AprilBy Jessica Stewart

This month the ReNew Magazine published an article in their April 2018 issue comparing energy costs over 10 years for houses with gas appliances, electrical appliances, and electrical appliances with solar panels, based on a study by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA).

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Tackling the Urban Heat Island Effect

6 AprilBy Jessica Stewart

Late last year, the CSIRO published a report commissioned by the ACT Government exploring the impact of the Urban Heat Island Effect in Canberra. Its findings have been the subject of much discussion, most recently by Minister Shane Rattenbury on ABC Radio in Canberra.

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Reflection - an exhibition by Marsden Art Group

Wednesday 7 March 2018

The Marsden Art group (MAG) is a Canberra artist support group established in 2003 by Barbara van der Linden. Members come together once a month to share information and to receive encouragement and feedback when needed.

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Inspiring a new way of living and a new generation of musicians

1 MarchBy Susan Davis

There is compelling research to suggest children exposed to music at a young age may have better learning potential than those who aren’t. Findings such as these are the inspiration behind Ginninderry’s decision to partner with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra (CSO) for their Education Program, Music in MY School.

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Restoring and preserving the Belconnen Farm Heritage Precinct

1 MarchBy Hoa Luu

Recently, the Ginninderry team began works to preserve the Belconnen Farm Heritage Precinct as part of the project’s ongoing conservation commitment. Belconnen Farm is a significant farm group with a succession of buildings, and remnants of various archaeological resources which all contribute to an understanding of the use and development of the place since the 1830s.

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Ginninderry’s first veggie patch is on the grow

1 MarchBy Jessica Stewart

Back in December of 2017, Ginninderry’s future residents met for the inaugural Ginninderry Future Residents Eve, and among the night’s events everyone got together to plant a veggie patch outside the Link.

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The Queen will soon make Ginninderry her home

1 MarchBy Jessica Stewart

Back in January, our new site vehicle arrived at its temporary home in Murrumbateman. It’s a six wheeled, twelve-seater ex-military Land Rover Defender Perentie that used to be a troop carrier – known affectionately as “The Queen”.

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Summerfest 2018

26 FebruaryBy Ginninderry Project Team

Not even rain mid-show could put a dampener on Ginninderry's family-friendly celebration -  Summerfest, which was a fantastic evening of live music, dance and theatre performances.

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Claire Primrose Selected Works Art Exhibition

Monday 19 February 2018

Based in Queanbeyan, Claire Primrose studied Visual Art at the Australian National University, majoring in Printmaking and graduated in 1997. She has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Art Education and has taught both Visual Art and Dance at various high schools in Canberra.

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"With One Voice Ginninderry" Choir

Monday 10 December 2018

FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD, SING FOR GOOD AND JOIN WITH ONE VOICE! You’re invited to experience the joy, freedom and inspiration of song at Ginninderry With One Voice choir!

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SPARKs fly in 2017

22 JanuaryBy Emma Sckrabei

It was a big year for Ginninderry’s unique training and employment initiative, SPARK. The program has grown over the course of 2017, partnering with local and national groups to help residents of the Capital Region reach their full potential.

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Spring into Summer, with Summerfest!

Saturday 24 February 2018

After the roaring success of Winterfest and Springfest, Ginninderry continues its tradition of seasonal celebrations on Saturday 24 February 2018 with SUMMERFEST - Ginninderry’s family-friendly celebration of summer with live music, dance and theatre performances from local artists including: Simone Penkethman  Simone Penkethman is a Canberra based singer, guitarist and songwriter.

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New Year’s Reflections and Resolutions – Jessica Stewart

12 JanuaryBy Niva.Pryor

2017 was a busy year for Ginninderry’s Sustainability Manager, Jessica Stewart – particularly on the education front! Over the course of the last 12 months, Jess attended a number of national forums where she met with like-minded experts to share ideas and present the vision and approach to sustainability at Ginninderry.

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Ginninderry future residents delight in inaugural eve

18 DecemberBy Ginninderry Project Team

On Friday 15 December 2017, members of Ginninderry’s future community gathered to celebrate the first of many, ‘future resident initiatives.’ The night dubbed Ginninderry’s Future Resident Eve sought to provide future community members the opportunity to take a tour of their blocks, before dinner and entertainment in the form of our very own With One Voice Ginninderry Choir singing Christmas Carols, the unveiling of the Ginninderra Creek Mosaic art feature, a visit from Santa and plantings in the Ginninderry communal garden.

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Ginninderry project update - December 2017

18 DecemberBy Ginninderry Project Team

Community & stakeholder engagement news Community stakeholder and engagement opportunities have been abundant in November and December, with a variety of activities taking the form of several notable project team members presenting at the recent Canberra Design Festival, Energy Matters Forum, NAWIC Smart Cities breakfast, and Canberra Urban Regional Futures (CURF) Annual Forum 2017.

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So – what is a Smart Community and how do we build one?

18 DecemberBy Jessica Stewart

A smart community is one that puts connectivity at its centre – connectivity of its people and data. A smart community is one that is enhanced with technology – allowing it to become a platform for not only the collection of real-time data but the sharing and analysis of this data for the benefit of the community.

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Ginninderra Creek Mosaic Art Project

18 DecemberBy Susan Davis

What do you get when you put an artist, a historian, an Aboriginal Elder and some high school students together? You get a beautiful mosaic which tells the story of Ginninderra Creek, a natural waterway on the boundary of the Ginninderry project which holds important memories for the local people, the rural families who farmed both sides of the creek and the Ngunnawal people.

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SPARK participants graduate in sensational style

15 DecemberBy Ginninderry Project Team

It’s been a busy bee year for organisers and participants of Ginninderry’s training and employment initiative SPARK, with a total of nine programs delivered in the ACT in 2017, and one in Yass.

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SPARK participants graduate in sensational style

14 DecemberBy Ginninderry Project Team

It’s been a busy bee year for organisers and participants of Ginninderry’s training and employment initiative SPARK, with a total of nine programs delivered in the ACT in 2017, and one in Yass.

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Biosensitivity: A new way to save the world

8 DecemberBy Ginninderry Project Team

Biosensitivity is a term created by Stephen Boyden of the Frank Fenner Foundation (FFF) to describe a way of living that is best both for people and for nature. The FFF Team believes that just being sustainable isn’t enough, and that society needs to be respectful of nature, aware of their impact and ensure no damage is done to the world’s ecosystems.

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Renewable Energy Day 2017 tour

27 NovemberBy Jessica Stewart

It was a great turn out at Ginninderry on Saturday 25 November for the Renewable Energy Day 2017 tour. Sustainability Manager Jessica Stewart took the time to show participants around The Link building and demonstrate sustainability in action!

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Former SPARK: Vicki-Ann Middlemis

23 NovemberBy Ginninderry Project Team

From a young age, Vicki-Ann Middlemis had always wanted to work in childcare, but found it was never the right time so turned to cooking instead. Her first job was in a café, where she worked for five years as a chef, before briefly becoming a nanny.

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Sculpture in the Paddock Presents ON THE MOVE

Thursday 9 November 2017

Opening at the Link between 9 November and 13 December 2017. This amazing collection of works is from Yass Valley Schools Program and proudly supported by YASSarts and the Ginninderry  Create Program.

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Former SPARK: Georgia Elith

27 OctoberBy Ginninderry Project Team

Before SPARK, Georgia Elith worked part-time as a waitress in the National Gallery of Australia’s café, but after completing a double degree in visual arts and music from the University of Canberra her goal was to find a fulltime job.

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