Strathnairn Garden Commons

Status: Design & Planning
Responsible Entity: Canberra Food Forestry

Project Timeline

20 August

Initial Community Consultation

Mid-August to Mid-September

Initial Design Phase


Further Community Consultation

Feedback on the initial design scope of work & suggested species list


Refine Design

Refine design and source materials

Early 2024

TCCS Approval

Pending approval

TBC pending approvals

Working Bees

To establish garden

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Corey from Canberra Food Forestry submitted a successful application for a community grant from Ginninderry to establish a shared garden space on Treadwell Street. Corey has experience with urban food forests or garden commons, having helped with Gawari Mada (Holt Micro Forest). Corey’s goal is to turn an empty patch of lawn into a thriving garden common that the community will have ownership of and reap the benefits from.

The homes on Treadwell Street led to the creation of the “Green Link” to connect Holt to the Conservation Corridor and provide public open space to support the townhouses with smaller yards. The Green Link was also intended for residents to take ownership of and use as public spaces, whether that was for gatherings, picnics or ever planting veggie or herb patches. We hope that the introduction of the garden commons will create a meeting space for people to connect with each other and the environment.

While Corey is initially planning & setting the garden up and Ginninderry is supporting the garden and funding, this is ultimately a community asset that we hope to see thriving long into the future thanks to the local residents who will help bring it to life!

Summary of first Garden commons Community Consultation – August 20th 2023

Ginninderry Garden Commons – Design V1

Suggested Species for food forest