Building FAQs

We've compiled responses to some of the questions we're most frequently asked. If you or your builder have any other questions, feel free to contact our team.

Your home must comply with the Ginninderry Housing Development Requirements. Prior to submitting an application for either a Building Approval (BA) or Development Approval (DA) you must first seek the approval of the Ginninderry Design Coordinator who will assist you in ensuring your design meets the necessary requirements.

Note that unless you are seeking to depart from the normal planning code requirements it is likely that your builder will appoint a Private Certifier to assess your home compliance and issue a Building Approval (BA), rather than first applying for a Development Approval (DA) to seek a merit track assessment. If you are unsure about what level of approvals your home will need the Ginninderry Design Coordinator will be able to assist you, your builder or designer.

Visit Ginninderry’s Building Resources for more information.

In keeping with our vision to create a highly sustainable community, Ginninderry’s sustainable design guidelines help you design your home so it performs better. We also have some mandatory requirements around Home Energy Systems including solar panels, electrical household appliances and a demand management system. These requirements will help you significantly reduce your ongoing energy bills, create a comfortable and well performing home and contribute to our high standards of sustainability. You can find more information in our design guidelines here.

When you buy a block of land in Ginninderry your front landscaping will be completed for you by our professional contractors at no additional charge provided you comply with the Ginninderry Housing Development Requirements. You will have a choice of seven (7) concept designs provided by our landscape designer and the opportunity to choose from a large selection of native and exotic plants. Refer to our concept designs and plant lists in Building Resources. Note: You are free to complete your rear garden area.

As part of our vision for creating a sustainable community, gas will not be plumbed to homes. We want Ginninderry residents to benefit from reduced annual energy bills and household greenhouse gas emissions. A cost benefit analysis showed that homes with solar panel systems are the most economical, environmental and socially responsible way to supply your household energy needs—as opposed to gas.

You are still free to install gas cooking or other gas appliances (e.g. BBQ) within your home, however this will need to be supplied by gas bottles. We encourage you to keep in mind that compared with gas cooktops, induction cooktops are far more energy efficient, cook more quickly and are easier to keep clean whilst they also allow for finely tuned temperature settings and cooking control.

If you buy a block of land at Ginninderry you are free to choose your own builder. Alternatively, you could choose one of our 13 display village builders. A list of our display village builders can be found here.

More information

For more information visit Building Resources or contact the Ginninderry team here.