Building FAQs

We've compiled responses to some of the questions we're most frequently asked. If you or your builder have any other questions, feel free to contact our team.

If you buy a block of land at Ginninderry, you are free to choose your builder. Alternately you could choose one of our 12 display village builders. A list of our display village builders can be found at

The Ginninderry Housing Development Requirements (Strathnairn) and Housing Design Requirements (Macnamara) are available on the Ginninderry website under Buying Resources:

This section provides a lot of useful information to help inform you and your builder on what you can build on your block, including detailed block information.

Yes, you will need to adhere to Ginninderry’s Housing Design Requirements (GHDR). The GHDR outlines all design and sustainability requirements for detached homes within Ginninderry. Several requirements currently apply depending on block size. These include:

  • Home Energy Systems (including solar panels, home energy management systems and compatible inverters)
  • Higher Efficiency hot water systems and air conditioning systems
  • Rainwater tank provisions and connections to your toilets, laundry, and external taps
  • Water efficient fittings and fixtures
  • Ginninderry is an all-electric community, and your house plans are assessed before building to ensure that you meet these requirements.
  • Ginninderry’s sustainability requirements are intended to help you save money by reducing your electricity and water costs. They also aim to make your house more efficient and comfortable.

All documents and guidance factsheets relating to building at Ginninderry can be found in Buying Resources:

By complying with GHDR and the design compliance process, you will receive a return of your compliance bond, and Ginninderry will also complete your front landscaping.

When you buy a block of land in Ginninderry, your front landscaping will be completed for you by our
professional contractors at no additional charge provided you comply with the Ginninderry Housing Development Requirements.

The following concept designs highlight seven (7) examples of landscaping materiality available via Ginninderry’s contractor, noting they will meet with you to develop a concept specific to your block:

Note: you are free to complete your rear garden area.

Ginninderry has been designed to reduce ongoing energy costs to residents, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce peak electricity demand on the grid.

To achieve this, Ginninderry has designed its suburbs to be all-electric. Through Ginninderry’s Housing Development Requirements, all homes are required to have Solar Panels, Home Energy Management Systems, electric hot water systems (solar or heat pump) and electrical air conditioning systems (if required). Whilst a gas connection has not been provided to your block, a bottled gas supply may be an alternative if you still wish to install gas cooking or other gas appliances (e.g. BBQ) within your home. Before considering gas cooking, you are also encouraged to consider induction cooktops as an alternative that can provide for an equal, if not better, substitute over conventional gas cooktops.

Compared with gas cooktops, induction cooktops are far more energy efficient, cook more quickly and are easier to keep clean. They also allow for finely tuned temperature settings and cooking control. For this reason, induction cooktops are often the preferred means of cooking of many professional chefs. We encourage you to watch an induction cooking demonstration here:

Currently, the project has an agreement with NBN Co for servicing the first Neighbourhoods of Ginninderry and NBN services are being deployed progressively in line with subdivision works.

More information

For more information visit Building Resources or contact the Ginninderry team here.