Past Exhibitions

The Link Art Space provides exhibition space to artists, schools and community groups. Here you can experience historical exhibitions.

Precious Pests

‘Precious Pests’ was an exhibition featuring a group of artists brought together by Ceilidh Dalton.

Pest species in Australia have a huge impact on biodiversity and environmental degradation but they can also be highly valued as pets, in gardens or for food.

Precious Pests celebrates the value of certain pest species while acknowledging the damage they can cause. Artists have chosen pest species that they personally consider precious and examine the role they play in the ecosystem both good and bad, including the interaction between the precious pests and the species they threatened.

It aims to educate the public and in particular pest owners on the effect they have on biodiversity and threatened species and ways to minimise the impact.

Canberra Low Carbon Housing Challenge

Experience the best from the Canberra Low Carbon Housing Challenge (CLCHC).

The CLCHC’s mission is to help reduce housing carbon emissions by researching and sharing low carbon design features found in architect-designed houses. From net-zero ‘ex-govies’ to affordable low carbon townhouses (like Ginninderry’s Flexi-living Series) and everything in-between!

There are plenty of practical, attainable and beautiful ideas for your home and several net-zero myths busted along the way!

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