Past Exhibitions

The Link Art Space provides exhibition space to artists, schools and community groups. Here you can experience historical exhibitions.

Eclectic by gm frew

From the drama and whimsey of Nature, through the vast expanse of Panoramas to the confounding and comedy of modern life, come and join us in exploring the photographic work of gm frew. The Arts have always been a passion for gm, ranging from experimental music to rock and roll as well as theatre, as a writer, and performer, to photography.

All these disparate influences come together in this thought provoking and sometime hilarious photographic exhibit.

Thank God It’s Friday! By Hall Artists

Simone Annis: A street tree named desire

Cristy Froehlich: “Water”

Ginninderry Design Library

The Ginninderry Design Library features 81 designs created by eight prominent regional artists, Geoff Farquhar-Still, Claire Shepherd (Primrose), G.W. Bot, Jazz and Kristal Matthews, Kayannie Denigan, Leah Brideson and Rayne Huddleston.

"Caring for Country" - Wilay Designs

Wilay Designs, is a creative partnership between Kristal and Jazz- we’re two Ngunawal sisters specialising in canvas and digital art.

“Our art exhibition, ‘Caring for Country’, explores the concept of taking care of the land, environment, and the animals that inhabit it.

We will have both painted acrylic on canvas artworks and prints of digital art that represent Ngunawal Country and the animals found on Country. The exhibition aims to remind visitors of their responsibility to care for Country and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

The paintings highlight the significance of the land and animals to our culture. Our hope is that visitors will leave the exhibition not only feeling inspired but with a renewed sense of respect and responsibility for Country and for us all to continue doing our part in looking after it.”

You can also view the online catalogue here, and enquire about any purchases through


By Steven Bryant


Steven Bryant presents a series of still life oil paintings that were completed towards the end of 2022. “The title refers to the still life painting style and the feeling of stillness and being present that painting has given to me.”

Steven Bryant was born in the Philippines and moved to Australia at an early age. He grew up in Canberra and spent the majority of his working life in the military. In 2021 he began painting and studying art.


Instagram: @stevenboatart

Triggered: Highpoints in a year's journey around the ACT

By Simmone Annis


A reoccurring theme in my art practice is the idea of ‘desire lines’. In urban and transport planning ‘desire lines’ refer to the unofficial paths that collective feet make through the landscape over time. These well-trodden paths are both subversive, being illicit, and conversely, the path of least resistance. Desire Lines are paths that form themselves and are evidence of both humanity and the impact of humans in the environment.

Like many Canberrans, I regularly visit Canberra’s nature parks and reserves and in early 2022, I started going to Trig Points more methodically and using these journeys, to extend the desire lines theme, both literally and as a subject of my art practice. Trig Points are the structures that mark the highest place on a hill or mountain. There is over 100 Trig Points spread across the ACT, 88 of which are accessible to the public.

Some of these Trig Points are easy to find; a 30-minute stroll along a well-trodden, well-known suburban path. However, some of these points, like the high points in life’s journey, are less easy to navigate. All require active travel, an act of rebellion against the status quo, in the form of self-propulsion. At some point in the journey to a Trig Point, you must step away from the car and walk or ride a bike.


This exhibition will include a selection of paintings based on my Trig point journeys and the related ‘desire lines’ theme.

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