Past Exhibitions

The Link Art Space provides exhibition space to artists, schools and community groups. Here you can experience historical exhibitions.

The Yindyamarra Project

By Josh Evans

For 6 years, Josh Evans – a Proud Gilun-Gilun Wiradguri man from Wantabadgery – has been carving Traditional Aboriginal Artefacts. Using Mulga (Acacia Aneura), Gidgee (Acacia Cambagei) and Boree (Acacia Pendula) timbers from Wiradjuri and Paakantyi County, Josh has been able to collect timbers and other materials from Ngunnawal, Wiradjuri and Paarkntyi County. Josh finds inspiration when he is walking Country, collecting resources and spending time with his grandmother, other family and Elders. Josh has spent time with some of the most prominent senior craftsmen in tribes around NSW to develop his carving skill. This exhibition is an excellent reflection of Josh’s craft.

White City Black Shadows

By Ruth Hingston & Tim Brook

In ‘White City, Black Shadows’ Tim and Ruth celebrate the strong and underacknowledged connections between Canberra and the Balkans; and show us uncomplicated glimpses of everyday life in Belgrade. Ruth’s accomplished and delicate embroidered works, with their emphasis on ‘bling’ and black, reflect distinctive features of the visual aesthetics of the region. They reflect her observations of the fabrics, the interior decoration, the buildings and the street art in central Belgrade. For Tim Brook everything revolves around a particular park bench. Each video is a temporal collage of still images. No image is extraordinary in itself, but together they demonstrate an extraordinary diversity of little incidents among ordinary people.

MyGinninderry Photography Exhibition

This exhibition arose from the successful MyGinninderry Photography Competition held during the September-October 2021 COVID-19 Lockdown in the ACT.

The competition produced many beautiful photographs from the community and it was decided to bring some of the top entries to the public through this exhibition.

The photos reveal a love for the landscape and community of Ginninderry. Through residents’ eyes, we see what is valued in the places they live, work and play; most notably, an appreciation for the natural landscape around Ginninderry and the stunning sunsets over the Brindabella Mountain Ranges.

Many of the artworks are for sale. However, with the support of Ginninderry, the photographers have asked that any proceeds from sales go directly to charity.

Precious Pests

‘Precious Pests’ was an exhibition featuring a group of artists brought together by Ceilidh Dalton.

Pest species in Australia have a huge impact on biodiversity and environmental degradation but they can also be highly valued as pets, in gardens or for food.

Precious Pests celebrates the value of certain pest species while acknowledging the damage they can cause. Artists have chosen pest species that they personally consider precious and examine the role they play in the ecosystem both good and bad, including the interaction between the precious pests and the species they threatened.

It aims to educate the public and in particular pest owners on the effect they have on biodiversity and threatened species and ways to minimise the impact.

Canberra Low Carbon Housing Challenge

Experience the best from the Canberra Low Carbon Housing Challenge (CLCHC).

The CLCHC’s mission is to help reduce housing carbon emissions by researching and sharing low carbon design features found in architect-designed houses. From net-zero ‘ex-govies’ to affordable low carbon townhouses (like Ginninderry’s Flexi-living Series) and everything in-between!

There are plenty of practical, attainable and beautiful ideas for your home and several net-zero myths busted along the way!

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