Ginninderry prides itself on being an exemplar project, both nationally and internationally, that showcases the world’s best practice in nature conservation, urban design, construction and long-term liveability.

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From the start, our commitment towards creating social, economic, and environmental benefits for this community have been demonstrated through the planning, design and construction phases.

With a life span of around 30 years, the size and scale of Ginninderry allows us to continually improve, evolve and implement new best practice technologies and initiatives over time.

A 6 Star Green Star Community

Green Star 6 Certified

This internationally recognised certification is the highest rating available under the Green Building Council of Australia’s national Green Star – Communities rating tool.

Not only does it demonstrate world excellence in sustainability, it is a testament to Ginnindery’s achievements in creating a liveable, environmental and people-centric development.

The Green Star – Communities rating tool is an independent, transparent and holistic rating that assesses the planning, design and construction of a community across five key categories.

100 points are available across Governance, Liveability, Economic Prosperity and Environment with Innovation accounting for an additional 10 available points.

Ginninderry achieved 80.91 points at initial certification in 2016 followed by a score of 84.18 at recertification in 2021. Explore each category below for more information:

A shared community vision

Right from the beginning, Ginninderry has been developed in response to the needs and wants of the local community and environment, with the aim to be sustainable over time – socially, economically and ecologically. Collaboration with the government, community and industry has been central to our approach since the initial stages of planning in 2007. And our People and Place Group, established in 2014, ensures that community stakeholders continue to be involved in key decisions to help shape the growth of Ginninderry.

As Ginninderry continues to grow, with an investment of more than $120 million worth of community infrastructure over the life of the development, so too will the involvement of the local community in shaping the future direction.

Total points available: 28
  • 2016 Certification: 28
  • 2021 Recertification: 26

An optimal lifestyle

Ginninderry has been designed to create a healthy, connected and vibrant community that supports your overall wellbeing and gives you every opportunity to enjoy a high quality lifestyle.

Urban design prioritises pedestrians and cyclists, reducing the need for vehicles and allowing children to reclaim the streets. A dedicated Community and Cultural Planning Manager helps keep the community engaged and connected and ensures that there’s always something on with a full and exciting events calendar. And state-of-the-art community facilities encourage residents to get active outdoors, grow their own food and connect with others. A huge range of housing options provides diversity. And Ginninderry’s unique cultural heritage has been preserved for everyone to enjoy, with the Strathnairn arts precinct providing a truly unique character that sets the community apart from any other.

Total points available 22
  • 2016 Certification 16
  • 2021 Recertification 15

Creating an affordable lifestyle

Ginninderry residents are given access to a range of incentives and rebates unlike any other development in the capital region. We’ll help you:

  • reduce your ongoing energy bills through incentives for higher efficiency appliances and high-performance housing;
  • reduce vehicle reliance through an efficient public transport system and urban design that prioritises pedestrians and cyclists;
  • create a comfortable home that doesn’t rely on large heaters or air conditioners
  • grow your own food—through plot-style community gardens and edible garden landscaping options;
  • find work within the community through free WIFI in community centres that encourage work hub environments and opportunities generated through our training programs; and
  • afford a home that’s right for you through our diverse range of housing options.
Total points available 21
  • 2016 Certification 16.35
  • 2021 Recertification 18.35

Setting world-class benchmarks

We have garnered international attention and recognition for the high standards we have in place through our environmental practices, processes and systems. From maximising the generation of solar power so that our community can become more self-sufficient to our outstanding Water Sensitive Urban Design, we are on track for reducing Ginninderry’s carbon footprint over time.

Total points available 29
  • 2016 Certification 16.56
  • 2021 Recertification 19.83

Challenging conventional thinking

We pride ourselves for continually being on the cutting edge of new innovation and technology that will benefit the development as a whole. From trialling an all-electric suburb to pioneering new ways of growing urban food, our aim is to showcase to the world how innovation can be used to deliver long-term sustainability and liveability.

Total points available 10
  • 2016 Certification 4
  • 2021 Recertification 5

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