Ginninderry Stories

How our residents found their inspiration at Ginninderry

My Ginninderry Story

When you move to Ginninderry, you become part of the Ginninderry story… a story that’s still being written. And Ginninderry becomes part of yours. Your hopes and dreams form part of the narrative of this special place. In this series, we hear from some of our early residents about what inspires them.

The Lall Family

“Ginninderry really resonated with our way of living and our love for gardening. It’s all about sustainable living, about being kind to nature and being kind to yourself by living with nature.”

The Okabe family

“Ginninderry reminds us of home. It brings back memories of how, when I was just a little girl, we used to go down to the river to play and feeling the sand on your feet and breathing in the fresh air. We wake up to that every day. It really is a place to call home.”

Anneliese and Omary

“I go for a walk very early in the morning so venturing out about 5:45am and I just see the Brindis and the sun coming up and it’s just beautiful. And there are cows there too…”

Harry and Meryl

“We love it! The view from our deck looking down Pro Hart Avenue off to the Brindabellas… I like to have my breakfast right at the end of the dining table so I can look out.”

The Dissanayake Family

“We love going for walks, the kids ride their bikes on the footpath and sometimes we go to the river. It’s very refreshing because you don’t hear much noise. The kids also enjoy going to the new park and it’s got lots of modern equipment. So, it’s a great space to rest over weekends – especially after a very busy week.”

The Speechley Family

“The girls love going for a ride on their bikes, and we usually go to the park. They love everything about the park, but if they had to pick a favourite, it would probably be the big slide. We’ve also used the e-bikes a couple of times to explore different parts of Ginninderry. It’s a really handy feature and it’s free for residents.”

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