Spofforth Street Intersection Interim Upgrade

Status: Awaiting TCCS Approval
Responsible Entity: Ginninderry JV

Project Timeline


Community Engagement

September 2023

Approval of the temporary upgrade by TCCS

September 2023

Construction Contract Procurement

October 2023

Commence Construction Works

December 2023

Complete Construction Works

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The Ginninderry Joint Venture (Ginninderry) has been working on the Drake-Brockman Drive road upgrade since 2015. Drake-Brockman Drive was flagged as enabling infrastructure required to facilitate the Ginninderry development. The upgrades have been planned for delivery in three stages to ensure the road is upgraded to adequately accommodate the growth of Ginninderry.

In the short-term, Ginninderry have received feedback from the community regarding concerns over the safety and capacity of the Spofforth Street-Drake Brockman Drive-Pro Hart Avenue intersection. As a result, Ginninderry have agreed to accelerate intersection upgrades in advance of the ultimate Drake Brockman Drive works as an interim measure to ensure the continued suitable operation of the intersection.

The interim upgrade involves a realignment of priority for the Drake Brockman Drive, Pro Hart Avenue and Spofforth Street intersection, prioritising east-west traffic on Drake Brockman Drive and Pro Hart Avenue with a stop sign moved to Spofforth Street. To allow for improved through movements from Drake Brockman Drive onto Pro Hart Avenue, minor widening of the intersection pavement to the south is also required. A traffic calming device is proposed along Pro Hart Avenue to reduce the eastbound speed and improve vertical Safe Intersection Sight Distance (SISD).

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