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  • Subdivision works for Stage 2 is progressing well, with earthworks primarily left to be completed in Stages 2B2 and 2B3. It is expected construction works for Stage 2A1 to be completed by end of May with authority approval being sought through June.
  • Construction of Stage 1 is essentially complete. One of the key project achievements through April has been completion of Stage 1D and obtainment of the OA certificate.
  • Huon Contractor continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and have applied applicable management plans onsite.




  • Entry Park well underway with path system established, walls complete and the majority of planted areas under the existing trees prepared and ready for planting.
  • Ginninderry’s next public art installation the ‘Circle of Stones’ is part of the entry park works with stones being placed in May.
  • Neighbourhood Park is underway with the amphitheatre walls and sports court walls starting to come out of the ground. Over the month of May you will be able to see all walls complete and the first of the paths starting to be installed. Ground works are also underway seeing large volumes of soil being moved around to establish the finished levels and ensure the sewer, water and electrical supplies are all brought into the park.
  • The works associated with the parks that protect the remnant trees have also commenced with weed and grass species already stripped. Over may the month of May remnant logs will be placed under the trees as part of our ecological reestablishment programme and mulch placed in areas to be planted in the future. This is in line with the MOU between TCCS and the ANU to re-establish ecological systems within the urban environment.
  • Entry Park, Neighbourhood Park, Remnant Tree parks and the public domain planting in the streets are planned to be completed by September when all planting will be undertaken as we move into Spring instead of planting them over the Winter months.
  • We have achieved consolidation with TCCS for the landscape work on the first section of Pro Hart Avenue and The Grove. This is the first step in handing over the finished landscape work to the ACT Government.
  • Ginninderry has delivered its first front gardens for new residents with building activity indicating that the next few months will be busy as more homes approach completion and move into their new homes.
  • We are expecting to go to tender for the Stage 2 landscape work in the coming month.

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