They’ve lived all over, but this couple only want to call Ginninderry home.

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Brooke and Duncan Delaney are no strangers to new houses in new locations.

Originally from Melbourne, since relocating to Canberra together, the couple has set up home in Kingston, Campbell and Harrison.

But something happened when they bought their home in Strathnairn.

They felt a connection to community and have been drawn into a number of regular and special events that have made them feel part of something bigger.

“When we started looking at blocks around Canberra, we were initially drawn here due to the comparative value of blocks. However, once we enquired further, we were really drawn to the focus on community, the environment and sustainability. Moving here confirmed the decision!” said Duncan.

The other great thing about Ginninderry is its family focus, with a safe, welcoming environment and plenty of green space for children to grown, play and mature with an understanding of nature and a love of the outdoors.

Although Brooke and Duncan were a couple when they bought their home and became members of the community while it was being built, they now have a beautiful 15-month-old daughter, Emma, who was born just three months after they settled into Strathnairn.

Emma also loves the Ginninderry lifestyle, getting out with mum and dad to many of the community events that take place regularly. A firm family favourite is the new tradition of Christmas in Paddys Park, a festive gathering of locals, filled with goodwill and overflowing with festive spirit.

“We have loved living here. The focus on community and running of events (like Christmas in the park) really foster a sense of community, rather than a collection of houses.”

The couple love the safety aspect for young families and appreciate the connection to other local families. Emma is growing up among many other children her own age.

So while they have recently decided to sell their beautiful home in Strathnairn, the couple won’t be moving far at all. They will narrow their search for their next home to remain in Ginninderry–the place where they have found themselves to be the happiest.

“It’s just a beautiful, cosy place to live,” concludes Duncan.

“We feel blessed to call this place home.”

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