Hall Artists display their best work from their most creative day of the week

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“Thank God it’s Friday!” is a cry heard in most households each week.

But when the Hall Artists use the catchphrase it carries some serious artistic undertones.

Sue Marye Cox, Felicity Green, Helen White, Wendy Carty, Helen Godden, Ineka Voigt, Hannah Begashaw, and Sue Bourke are a group of artists who meet out at Hall each week on, you guessed it, a Friday.

Over two years the professional and amateur artists have learned from each other and inspired enough high-quality work to create their first exhibition under way until 26 May at Ginninderry’s The Link.

It just made sense to name it “Thank God it’s Friday!” in light of the joy these Friday painting sessions have brought the artists and the creative expression that has resulted from each end-of-week endeavour.

“We are a very cohesive group and we come from different walks of life and are at different stages of artistic endeavour, however we always look forward to coming together to paint on Fridays,” says Sue.

Using mainly oils and acrylics, the collective ranges across styles—from landscapes to still life, to florals and abstracts.

“We paint whatever we want to paint but it’s interesting how we pick up on each other’s colours and patterns and we often unintentionally mimic each other’s work.

While some of the artists have exhibited before, others haven’t, and opening night last Saturday was an “extremely exciting and, for some of us, an extremely scary event!” according to Sue.

“There were a lot of nerves, but it was a fantastic opening and we sold 19 paintings out of 49 with six out of the eight artists exhibiting managing to sell something.”

Which means those wanting to see the exhibition with an eye to snapping up an original piece of art best get there soon—before everything has a red dot!

Thank God it’s Friday by the Hall Artists is showing until 26 May at The Link.

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