Unleashing Ginninderry’s goodest boys and girls at their new dog park

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It was pawsitively Central Bark at Ginninderry when the temporary dog park opened on Speldewinde street.

No matter how ruff a week the local dogs and their owners had had, it was time to unleash and unwind in a fun and fur-filled space. While the dogs had a ball, there was the added bonus of face painting for the kids and free coffees for the hoomans.

While the four-legged residents of Ginninderry enjoyed the yappiest of times, we snuck some pupparazzi in to take a few snaps so we could bring you some pooch profiles and show what a friendly and welcoming place it is. You’re welcome.

Meet Boxers Winnie and Percy, aged three and four. You may well have already heard them around Ginninderry as Winnie and Percy like to keep a close eye on the streets. You could say they set the standard for serious adherence to Neighbourhood Watch and we reckon it is better to be safe than sorry. Despite the frequent alerts, they are much loved by their mum Sarah Fitzpatrick.

Ollie is a four-and-a-half-year-old Golden Retriever who loves kisses, loves humans over other dogs, and loves his dad Luke. Like all Golden Retrievers, his personality could best be described as “extremely food motivated”.

Now here’s an odd but adorable couple: Bear, the two-year-old French Bulldog and Rosie the four-year-old Dachshund. Mum Georgia reports that Bear has so much fun at the dog park he often has to be carried home. Rosie, meanwhile, has been mistaken for a rabbit by a greyhound, so she is sometimes a little apprehensive of other dogs. Fair.

Say hi to Thomas, the almost three-year-old Bordoodle. His owners Luke and Jess Hinchcliffe describe him as “crazy” and if you see him around he’ll become your bestie quickly! He loves rolling in grass (who doesn’t?).

Invictus, the 19-month-old Finnish Lapphund is quite the emotional hound. Not only is he sassy, if he gets upset he’ll run away for an hour to recover. His friends say his personality is like his owner, Debbie. So please don’t upset Debbie…

We bring our puppy tails tales to a conclusion with seven-year-old Gertie and one-year-old Crouton, both adorable pugs. The thing is, what they have in photographic appeal, they lack in intellect. For instance, if Gertie catches sight of herself in the mirror she barks! Crouton loves chewing on drink bottles and the stuffing of her soft toys (which leads to interesting poop pick-ups for owners Nathan and Tilly).

Thanks for reading this pawsome wrap-up of canine celebrity, and we hope to see you hanging with the gang on Speldewinde Street as the dog park gains muttmentum.

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