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CHATTEL: An exhibition by Amardeep Shergill

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Friday 10 May 2019
By Ginninderry Project Team
9 May 2019 - 17 Jun 2019

CHATTEL is now showing at The Link.

This exhibition includes artworks in two different mediums

Six works were created in 2018 after Amardeep Shergill spent three months in Switzerland and time in India.

These works explore dream like depictions of landscapes, recreated through digital fabrication of the photographs taken in both countries.

The works explore sense of familiarity as well as the contrast between both spatial environments.

The second part of this exhibition includes sculptural forms that are inspired by Amardeep’s great-grandmother’s ‘Phulkari’. Phulkari meaning ‘flower-work’ is a form of embroidery which comes from the Punjab region in both Northern India and Pakistan. Phulkari was widely practiced domestic craft with high social and cultural significance as well as having strong familial ties between generations of women who practiced and passed on the craft.

In 2018, the artist created a series of works that re-interpreted this familial craft making connection within her family. It was deliberate and direct engagement with past knowledge in order to bring the craft back into ‘living’ after generational gap and to continue the tradition with new materials.

Two different techniques are brought together in this exhibition. The artist highlights two ways of engaging with the same theme of identity and heritage to create contemporary Australian art. The works also discuss the idea of our identity as ‘Australians’ and how it is perhaps made of sub-cultural perspectives and histories.

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