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Following on from a long  period of Aboriginal occupation, estimated to be over 20,000 years, the Ginninderry site has more recently been used for agricultural production, mostly cattle and sheep grazing, since European settlement in the 19th century.

There are a number of other activities that will be affected as the project proceeds and it is important that the transition to urban and residential use is managed carefully so that the impact on these activities is minimised.

Existing uses

The existing activities occurring on the Ginninderry site will be accommodated in various ways as the project proceeds.

  • A new home for the Belconnen Pony Club has been identified at the old Fassifern property at Dunlop. We are working with the Pony Club on plans to construct a new facility for them at Fassifern.
  • The Best Friend Pet Centre boarding kennel and cattery continues to operate on Parkwood Road but will be incompatible (due to noise issues) with future residential development. We are looking at options to relocate it.
  • The Garden Plant Nursery continues to operate and is expected to remain available to service new residents.
  • Pace Egg Farm is expected to continue to operate for some time. The term of its Crown Lease expires in 2035. Following this the site will be absorbed into the project and developed for residential and other uses.
  • The Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) passes through the Ginninderry site. The project team has been working closely with the BNT Committee to define a route for a new trail. It will pass along the edge of the conservation corridor, ultimately through the Belconnen Farm heritage precinct and then northward to rejoin the existing alignment.
  • The arts community at Strathnairn is an important partner for the Ginninderry project. The Link building, which will function as a community and arts centre, as well as a project management and sales office, has been constructed on the Strathnairn site and will be used by both the project team and the Strathnairn Arts Association. In time the project management and sales functions will move to a new facility as development proceeds westwards and the facility will be transferred to the Territory and become part of the Strathnairn complex.
  • The old Belconnen Landfill is a 107 hectare site roughly in the centre of the Ginninderry development area. It is currently being utilised for the safe disposal of the Mr Fluffy demolition material. This will be completed by 2019 and other landfill activities will also have ceased. The site will then become available for a range of community uses and some development (not residential). This will all be controlled by a masterplan for the site which will be developed with community input. All activities associated with the site will be subject to a strict environmental audit process overseen by the ACT Environment Protection Authority. It is noted that the Parkwood Resource Recovery Estate, will also be closed in 2019 and incorporated in the master planning process.
  • The Canberra Sand and Gravel Parkwood Road Green Waste facility creates odours which would be incompatible with nearby residential development. As Ginninderry residential development moves to the west it will move closer to the green waste facility and options are being explored to resolve the odour problem by relocation of the facility or the installation of on-site measures to control the odour.
  • Block 1420 is occupied by the Billabong Aboriginal Development Corporation. The site has been  recognised as part of the rezoning and Ginninderry is working with the leesee to facilitate the incorporation of the site into the project.
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