Housing in Ginninderry: The Master Plan

In 2014, to inform the Ginninderry Master Plan, the Ginninderry team commissioned ORIMA research to conduct a community survey to gauge housing preferences within the ACT region.

The findings of the research have been used to inform the Master Plan in a number of ways, from the structure of the plan to the community and housing types permitted under the Ginninderry Precinct Code.

Firstly, the respondents were asked about the most important factors that would influence their decision making about living at Ginninderry. The findings demonstrated that the key influencers in informing housing choice are:

  • Proximity to social infrastructure;
  • block size;
  • affordability;
  • proximity to public transport;
  • proximity to town centres;
  • value for money, and
  • proximity to schools.

Next, when questioned on the affordability of a potential property, the community gave the following insights:

  • Almost half the respondents were looking to purchase a smaller dwelling;
  • many seeking a smaller block and a smaller house;
  • potential purchasers interested in buying a home at a lower cost would consider the following features:
  • shared outdoor areas
  • a studio above a garage
  • reduced on site parking

The following factors were indicated as the most important lifestyle preferences:

  • A sense of space and openness;
  • opportunity for casual entertainment;
  • safety and security;
  • a sense of community.

Finally, the research revealed that the three most important things to consider in the Master Plan are:

  • Adequate provision of community facilities;
  • ensuring roads are able to accommodate increased traffic generated from the new development, and
  • provision of public transport.

These insights have been invaluable in informing the Ginninderry Master Plan.

See how these insights have been incorporated and learn more about the Ginninderry Master Plan here.

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