Intergenerational Play at Ginninderry

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Alongside the local community, Ginninderry recently hosted an online workshop with Cathy Hope and Fanke Peng from the University of Canberra to identify the future of intergenerational play at Ginninderry.

Suggestions included different sized seating and swings, designing a nap palace, ensuring natural environments, shaded areas and flat spaces for classes and gatherings, and building fun activities for the young and old to share. Older adults and younger children have very different needs, and with many grandparents now caring for their grandchildren, it’s important to ensure the needs of both are being met in our playspaces.

Ginninderry has been working with Redbox Design Group to design the open space areas in Macnamara and are looking forward to incorporating these suggestions in our future play areas.

Thanks to artist Sally Mazak, you can see a visual summary of the workshop by clicking here.

Watch this space!

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