Meet Barry and 800 of his friends!

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I’m a Black Angus – part of a mob of 800 that live in the paddocks around Ginninderry. When you’re here, you may also see some of my Hereford and Murray Grey friends roaming about.

We are here to help with sustainable agriculture practices – rotating through the paddock to keep the grass down while helping regenerate the soil with our organic manure. This means we’re 100% grass-fed, hormone-free and very well cared for with minimal handling techniques.

Like my Hereford and Murray Grey friends, I can grow up to 800kg.

We are naturally inquisitive animals–I have been known to pose for a photo or two–but let’s make a deal shall we? My friends and I won’t spook you if you don’t spook us.

Great! Look forward to seeing you around Ginninderry.

BarryBlack Angus

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