Flexi-Living – a place to call home for this lucky couple!

Exciting times are ahead for this young couple, who are celebrating the recent announcement they are to be Ginninderry’s first Flexi-Living series buyers.

Canberra-locals 22-year old self-employed makeup artist Tara Florence and her partner, 22-year old electrician, Connor McCallum sat down with the team recently to share their insights on why they, as first home buyers, were inspired to purchase in Ginninderry’s first suburb Strathnairn, what sets it apart from other developments, and in particular, the unique Flexi-Living series.


“We have been saving for our first home for around two years. We wanted to make sure we found the perfect first home that catered for our needs.

During this time, we’ve looked at places like Moncreiff, Casey, Wright and Coombs which were lovely in their own right, and offered first home buyer initiatives, but none that suited our needs. From the outset, we were looking for a 3 bedroom, separate title. So, when we came across Ginninderry’s Flexi-Living series that included generous 2 or 3 bedroom, separate title homes at a price we as first home owners could afford, we knew we were onto something! Because it’s separate title there are no extra fees like body corporate, which to us, was important.

Unlike other separate title homes, the Flexi-Living series doesn’t sacrifice on things like size and privacy, which worked perfectly for what we needed. Thanks to the affordable nature of the solution we were able to opt for an extra bedroom to serve as my studio, meaning I’ll be able to work from home. This also means in the long run we’ll be able to stay in the house and let it expand with us into something we’d be proud to call our dream home. In this sense, we knew then that we weren’t just going to be building a house, but a home.

I guess the thing that appealed to us most about the development and why we opted for a Flexi-Living home was that when we first began our search, we quickly came to realise that getting into the market without having to make sacrifices on what we wanted in a build would be quite difficult. Things we looked at having to compromise on were the size of the house, block or price tag – in some instances we even considered spending more to own something we felt was liveable. Ginninderry’s Flexi-living series meant we didn’t have to make those sacrifices.

They are also tackling the environmental issues that come with population growth and we think that’s amazing. We are excited to live in a place that is thinking about long-term issues and not just short-term solutions.

Something we really love about the location is its proximity to the major town centres and amenities, while also being surrounded by nature. Our backyard will literally consist of hiking trails and beautiful scenery rather than of dense residential or built-up areas. There are plans for a dog park, which we’re really excited about – as it our dog Nala!

The happy balance between sustainability and affordability are the defining features of the project for us – we truly feel like we’re getting the best of both worlds when it comes to living and we’re just so excited to have bought in the first sales release. For us, this means we’ll not only get to witness the transformation over time as the project develops, but also get the opportunity to grow with Ginninderry and the community.

For us, it’s the little things that are building the big Ginninderry in our eyes, and we simply can’t wait!”

Click here for a virtual tour of this unique series.

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