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Not an apartment. Not a traditional home. But something in-between.

  • No body corporate fees
  • Architect designed

*Eligibility conditions apply

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Enjoy all the freedom and flexibility of your own separately-titled home with the convenience and low-maintenance lifestyle of an apartment (without body corporate fees!).

At Ginninderry, we’re committed to providing housing choices that fit the way people actually live their lives. So we’re addressing what’s been called the ‘missing middle’ – homes designed for first home buyers* that fill the gap between strata-title apartments and traditional free-standing houses. Our Flexi-living series offers a mix of exciting architect-designed homes including double and single storey houses grouped in ways that make the most of compact blocks.

While the walls are built to the boundary, they’re on separate titles. And with clever integrated designs, they create diverse streetscapes and offer a range of interesting and varied internal plans. If apartment living’s not for you, but a free-standing home on a traditional suburban block doesn’t suit your needs or budget, chances are you’ll find one of our Flexi-living homes just right.



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