Art Trail refresh introduces new artists to GX

The GX Art Trail (GXAT) places local artworks within the Ginninderry Display Village and is a unique opportunity for Ginninderry to reinforce its commitment to the arts.

We now introduce a wonderful ‘refresh’ of the GXAT and welcome several new and exciting artworks to the trail. We are also are excited to welcome many new artists who are all local to the region. The new artworks are now on display in the Ginninderry Display Village, and they look fantastic in and amongst artworks that remain on display.

Ginninderry would like to congratulate all the artists for their beautiful work, and importantly to remind visitors that these artworks are for sale!

Among the new artists, we introduce Jenny Blake, who’s abstract landscapes tell “..of the fragility and strength of nature”. Also, we introduce Valentyna Crane who presents a joyful and colourful approach to painting (you may recognise some familiar locations in these artworks too).

A key artist new to the GX Art Trail is Paul Summerfield who has brought his curious, rich, dreamy, and sometimes comical landscapes to the GXAT. Paul’s works are all available either framed or as limited-edition prints.

To see the GXAT, head to the Ginninderry Display Village (follow Pro Hart Avenue off Drake Brockman Drive). GX is open 10am–4pm, Friday to Monday (hours vary over Christmas).  And remember a great day in Strathnairn can include the GXAT along with the Strathnairn Arts Centre.


Artwork by Jenny Blake
Jenny Blake: Canberra Spring No 4
Debra Jurss: Lift Off
Paul Summerfield: Night Falling
Valentyna Crane: A walk under the ornamental pear tree

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