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Ginninderry is part of a wider community, in West Belconnen and the Canberra region generally. We want to contribute to that community, helping people become more prosperous and more socially connected and providing opportunities to learn new skills. Already SPARK changed the lives of many people.


Already SPARK has had a high level of community support.  Emma and Ashleigh, our SPARK team, are responsible for maintaining that support, as well as the planning, management and implementation of the training and employment initiatives and the successful delivery of education, work experience and employment opportunities within the Ginninderry development.

SPARK has three key elements:

Procurement.  Social inclusion clauses will be written into all Ginninderry contracts for capital works and commercial land sales.  These clauses oblige contractors to provide work experience and/or new paid employment positions for residents in the local area.  These positions are in addition to the contractor’s existing workforces.

Engagement, training and employment programs. For these programs, we work in partnership with Non-Government Organisations and Registered Training Organisations. The programs are aimed at key disadvantaged groups (youth, aboriginal, mature aged, long term unemployed and culturally and linguistically diverse people) who are disconnected from the labour market.  They will help people take the next steps from engagement through to training and employment. This includes traineeships and apprenticeships.

Live training sites. Through our infrastructure works and other smaller scale projects with local stakeholders we can deliver vital “hands-on” skills and help people connect to accredited and non-accredited vocational pathways.

Among the industry sectors we’ll be targeting are Civil Construction, Construction, Horticulture, Landscaping, Conservation Land Management, Aged Care, Home and Community Care, Individual Support Services, Early Childhood Education and Care, Business Administration and Hospitality.


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