Tuesday 30 October 2018
By Ginninderry Project Team

The Ginninderry Joint Venture welcomes the release of the ACT Government’s Housing Strategy and commits to working in partnership with government, the community and industry stakeholders to ensure it continues to be a leader in the delivery of innovative and diverse housing options that reflect the changing shape of our growing city.

As Canberra’s only ‘six-star Green Star’ community, Ginninderry has already set new benchmarks across the key measures of governance, liveability, economic prosperity, environmental considerations and innovation. Central to this is the delivery of a diverse housing mix that opens up new and innovative pathways to home ownership. Along with a range of initiatives, Ginninderry is also investigating the opportunity for a shared equity project under a unique partnership with the community housing and community banking sectors.

Project Director Steve Harding says said he was pleased to see that the planning principles for Ginninderry (*which will eventually be home to 30,000 residents in 11,500 homes across four suburbs) aligns closely with the government’s new strategy. “The ACT Housing Strategy aims to encourage and promote a housing market that meets the diverse and changing needs of our growing city and importantly enables the sustainable supply of housing for individuals and families at all income levels” he said. “I’m pleased to say that our project is already leading the way in many of the areas outlined in the strategy including thinking about diversity of the mix, community housing partnerships and innovative ownership models”.

Population growth, demographic changes, and lifestyle trends are translating to an increasing need for housing diversity, with people needing more options when it comes to choosing their home.

Ginninderry is addressing a shortage of medium density housing, known as the “missing middle” by offering a genuine range of housing options. The ‘missing middle’ means that there is a need to provide homes along much of the spectrum between large and traditional at one end and apartments at the other.

Ginninderry Design Manager Hoa Luu says addressing this missing segment is the key to increasing diversity of housing choice. “It’s important that we provide a range of housing choices and our project is genuinely pioneering a range of innovative options to deliver this including our innovative Flexi-living homes and new block types where it will be possible to incorporate a 4-bedroom house at the front as well as separately titled studio unit at the back” she said.

In addition to setting new benchmarks for diversity, Ginninderry is also pioneering innovative partnerships with community sector stakeholders to examine the opportunity to deliver a range of compact apartments in stage 1 with a mix of market, community and disability housing options.

Harding says he is excited to be playing a part in showcasing new and best-practice thinking and is confident that this focus will contribute towards Ginninderry’s vision. “We have a vision to grow to become a community of international significance and to do that we need to think differently” he said. “We’re looking forward to working with government and a broad range of other stakeholders as a key part of the solution”.