My vision for Ginninderry’s Riverside Park

As conservation manager at Ginninderry, it’s my job to protect and enhance Ginninderry’s beautiful environment, including the Murrumbidgee River and Ginninderra Creek.

What I love most about the Murrumbidgee River is that you can get to the foreshore, where you can really enjoy the tranquillity of the river.

The proposed conservation corridor is Ginninderry’s largest open space, connecting both the Murrumbidgee River and Ginninderra Creek. It has a total area of 577ha, spanning across both the ACT and NSW.

At Ginninderry, people will have the opportunity to experience this beauty for themselves as we look to open up the Riverside Park and the corridor for residents.

My vision for Riverside Park is that it will be full in summertime and on the weekends, with families playing and enjoying the waterside, swimming and enjoying other recreational activities.

It’s about balancing the protection of environmental values and presenting it to the community in a way that they can understand and value.

We aim to educate everyone to appreciate the environment that we have at Ginninderry. You can find out more about the conservation work at Ginninderry here.

Jason Cummings
Conservation Manager, Ginninderry

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