Biosensitivity: A new way to save the world

Biosensitivity is a term created by Stephen Boyden of the Frank Fenner Foundation (FFF) to describe a way of living that is best both for people and for nature. The FFF Team believes that just being sustainable isn’t enough, and that society needs to be respectful of nature, aware of their impact and ensure no damage is done to the world’s ecosystems.

Working in collaboration with volunteer Zenia Xie, the team from FFF were inspired to produce the video as they’re all passionate about the world!

“We want to see healthy people on a healthy planet, and transition our society towards living in harmony with nature. Biosensitivity is how we describe that goal. We take a solutions-based approach, and aim to get as many people involved in, engaged with and talking about biosensitivity as we can. The video was made to help explain the concept, and to reach more people. We all need to work together for a better world!” said Jess Smith, from the Foundation.

“We hope to reach people of all ages, cultures, genders and lifestyles, from all around the world to encourage a better understanding of what ‘biosensitivity’ means, what a biosensitive world will look like, and to inspire them to adopt a biosensitive lifestyle together,” said video creator Zenia. “The key message is to show the importance of a biosensitive world, and promote an understanding that we have the ability to choose this world right now, and live in tune with and respectful of nature.”

The video was made as one of the first initiatives of the EcoriumXChange partnership between the foundation and Ginninderry.

“The EcoriumXChange is our way of bringing biosensitivity to the world. We hope to make a fun and engaging virtual and physical space to encourage discussion, learning and work towards living in tune with and respectful of nature,” explains Jess. “We’re currently working on creating a Mobile Ecorium, which will be a very funky van filled with all sorts of activities, games and education materials to promote biosensitive practices and principles, that we will be able to bring to the people of the ACT and surrounding areas. The video will definitely be among them.”

At Ginninderry we are working hard to ensure that the community grows as part of a healthy ecosystem; careful management of the different improvements of the project-the conservation resource, water, sensitive design, urban parks, landscaping, house design standards-the list goes on- will ensure that people and nature work in harmony. This lines up completely with the FFF Biosensitivity concepts; that is why we have partnered with them so that we can learn from each other as we go on the journey together.

The Frank Fenner Foundation is an organisation aimed at transitioning our society to living in harmony with nature. They’re all passionate about the world, and want to see healthy people on a healthy planet. This video was created as part of the FFF’s EcoriumXChange, their way of bringing biosensitivity to the world, generating interest, engagement and discussion about biosensitivity, and exploring the human place in nature.

You can learn more about biosensitivity here

Or by contacting the Frank Fenner Foundation here

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