An Eclectic Exhibition of Photographic Whimsy

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From the drama of nature to an eye-bending expanse of panoramas to the comedy of modern life, artist gm frew is ready to take art lovers on a journey.

His new exhibition at The Link in Ginninderry is called Eclectic. That is because it is exactly that—a collection of disparate digital images that showcase the photographer’s breadth of talent.

gm frew obtained his Bachelor of Applied Arts (Film and Television) and Diploma in Digital Media in Canada and, despite holding down a day-job in corporate finance, has always maintained his creative output.

The Arts have always been a passion for him, including experimental music, rock ‘n’ roll, theatre, writing, performing, and photography.

And while Eclectic is solely digital photography, gm frew also has a keen interest in painting, design, architecture and other art forms.

The impetus for his Ginninderry show came from visiting The Link gallery space for another exhibition.

There, he met Art and Culture Planning advisor Tom Gray, who wanted to see gm’s work, which has won numerous awards, including several commendations from Australian Photography Magazine.

From that, an invitation to hold a show was extended and gm frew got to work.

“I was booked into the gallery about eight months ahead, so I had a good amount of time to decide on which photos I would show. But in saying that, I was still shooting or putting finishing touches, framing and working on some of the pieces right up to a week or so before the opening.”

For gm frew, the great joy is in “seeing the work printed and framed, it gives you a whole new perspective on your work and of course when people say how much they admire such and such a photo it is a real blast.”

Eclectic: Digital Photography by gm frew will run until Sunday 7 July at The Link Gallery, Ginninderry. More information here.

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