Housing choices for the future — sustainable, compact and well connected

With the recently published Housing Choices Discussion Paper by the ACT Government, understanding how we can better meet the housing needs of Canberrans, has never been more relevant.

As noted by Mick Gentleman Minister for Planning and Land Management November 2017

“…there is no longer the presumption that everyone aspires to a large suburban block with a garden. People want different forms of housing in the suburbs, as well as in centres and mixed use areas. This includes town houses, terrace houses, secondary dwellings and apartments as well as a continuing demand for detached homes. While this is being driven to an extent by the younger generation, it is also being sought by older residents who do not want to leave the suburb they may have lived in for 50 years, but no longer want—or are able—to live in a big home that can be better used by a larger family. This desire for housing choice is complementing the drive for Canberra to be sustainable, compact and well-connected.”

Ginninderry’s Design Manager Hoa Luu today had the opportunity to speak at the Design Canberra Festival on this topic and outline the project’s strategic approach to “Affordable Housing through Development – Design and delivery of affordable housing”.

“ We are addressing the shortage of medium density housing, known as the “missing middle” by offering a genuine range of housing options. Insights into housing preferences, reveal that 75% of our primary audience prefer free single detached standing homes, but when price is factored in, free-standing homes townhouses, compact blocks, terraces and apartments are still appealing options. Research findings also highlight that 71% of potential buyers have a budget of $400,000 – $600, 000.” (Source: Housing Preferences Research Report, Orima Research 2013)

Hoa said “It’s important we provide a variety of block types to promote housing diversity and housing choice.” Ginninderry is addressing affordability on various levels:

Flexi-living Series – a suite of architecturally designed homes with eligibility criteria

• Working with community housing groups to look at equity share schemes

• Introducing more blocks to allow for studio above garage to allow for inter-generational living

• Various block types to meet different house and land price points

• Implementing design controls to ensure quality streetscapes and the overall capital value of a neighbourhood is retained.


Diagram from “Affordable Housing through Development – Design and delivery of affordable housing” presentation 22 November 2017.

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