Ginninderry brandmark – as diverse as the project itself

After significant consultation, the name Ginninderry was chosen for our new community that will span the western boundary of the ACT and NSW.

Ginninderry is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning ’sparkling’ or ‘throwing out little rays of light’.

The name symbolises the Murrumbidgee River and Ginninderra Creek which form Ginninderry’s western and northern boundaries, and has been applied in several variations to the locality over the last 150 years. As such it is a fitting acknowledgment of both the Indigenous and European heritage of the area.

Niva Pryor, Ginninderry’s Marketing and Communication Manager, said that inspiration was drawn from the meaning of Ginninderry right at the beginning of the development of the visual brand identity.

Ginninderry’s brand essence of Lifts the Spirit is a summary of many qualities which above all reflect a sense of inspiration and enrichment.

As a brand Ginninderry’s core values are resilience, intelligence, authenticity and imagination and we knew that developing a logo which would speak to these qualities both today and well into the future, was not going to be easy.

“Working closely with designers, Swell Design Group and creative agency Coordinate, we abandoned more traditional and conventional thinking to develop not one brand mark but multiple iterations of a ‘spark’ which could all sit with the meaning of the word Ginninderry,” Niva said.

“Knowing the project would take some 40 years to be fully realised, we wanted to create something that could be as diverse and innovative as the project itself.”

“We didn’t want to be overly clever with fonts and colours and instead chose to adopt a simple colour palette with the option to use a ‘window device’ treatment to bring photographic elements into the sparks as needed.”

The many sparks represent the true spirit of the project with diversity and collaboration at its heart.

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