Gain a better understanding of the buying process at Ginninderry

Gain a better understanding of the buying process at Ginninderry

Our vision at Ginninderry is to create a community that showcases the world’s best practice in nature conservation, urban design, construction and long-term liveability.

After many years of hard work, this vision is closer to becoming a reality with land sales due to commence next month.

On the 8th April 2017 you will be able to register your interest in our first release of residential blocks of land and a wide variety of house and land packages.

Our Flexi-living Series house and land packages are unique to Ginninderry and are aimed at giving a high level, sustainable and stylish home at an affordable price.

Given the variety of product available as part of our first sales release for Ginninderry, we have chosen two different methods as part of the buying process.

A simple outline of the buying process is as follows:

Buying a Block or Flexi-living Series House and land package
As the demand for vacant land and our Flexi-living homes are in high demand, we will be conducting a draw for all buyers that are registered and have met pre-qualification requirements. The draw gives a fair and equitable result for all participants. Once you have registered for a draw event and before purchasing a block or Flexi-living package of your choice, you will need to engage a solicitor to act on your behalf and have your finance organised and a deposit ready.

Home and Land Package
In addition to our Flexi-living Series house and land packages, a fine selection of other homes from a variety of our partner builders will also be available for you to buy direct over the counter (i.e. not subject to a draw).

Block/Package Selection Appointment
At the Block/Package Selection Appointment you should come prepared to select and purchase your block/package and pay your part deposit. Following your selection a sales instruction will be sent to your solicitor/conveyancer with the details of your purchase. After the appointment you should contact your solicitor/conveyancer and make an appointment with them to review the contract.

From the date of your Block/Package Selection Appointment you will have fourteen (14) days to sign a contract and pay the balance of the deposit. Once you have signed the contract and paid the balance of the deposit the solicitors exchange contracts. At this point you are committed to the purchase (i.e. contract is unconditional). Between exchange and settlement, stamp duty is payable at the ACT Revenue Office. It’s important to confirm with your solicitor when stamp duty is due to be paid.

Settlement is when you take full ownership of the property. Once you are notified about a settlement date, you will need to pay the remaining balance of your purchase.

Build on a Block
Before building your dream home, you will need to seek advice from your chosen builder on house design and building approvals.

Move In
Once your home is completed your builder will receive a Certificate of Occupancy. This means you can now move into your new home, and connect and organise your utilities, garbage removal and mail.

Enjoy Living in Ginninderry
To help you settle in to your new community, you will receive a resident’s welcome pack and be provided with an opportunity to meet your neighbours at one of our many planned community events.

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