Flexi-living gives first home owners better options

As the deadline for the end of the First Home Owner Grant looms, it’s tempting for first home buyers to simply buy a standard apartment that’s within their price range. The problem is that once they’ve purchased, they’re then stuck with endless body corporate fees and restrictive strata laws, not to mention the problems of resale in an oversupplied market.

But the Ginninderry Flexi-living series opens up a whole new world of possibility for first home buyers. Brilliantly designed, they deliver low maintenance, affordable living, with all the freedom of having your own separately titled home. Situated in leafy neighbourhoods surrounded by parks and amenities, they also provide a far better alternative to the impersonal nature of large apartment complexes.

Research showed that the city of Canberra needed housing options that took into account increasingly busy lifestyles, the desire to see greater sustainability “built in” to places and homes and the desire to spend more quality time on things that matter.

The result was the creation of the unique Flexi-living series which fills the gap between apartments and traditional free-standing homes

Consisting of interlocking, individually titled homes that share garaging between street and lane frontages, the Flexi-living series deliver multiple benefits including:

  • Lower price points
  • Reduced costs of maintenance due to smaller lot and housing sizes
  • Reduced costs of operation – less heating, less cooling, lower rates and other running costs
  • More thoughtful designs that maximise the use of space, making the internal floor plans more effective and efficient
  • Less landscape to provide and maintain

With a huge range of Flexi-living homes available, and the First Home Owner Grant finishing at the end of the financial year, there has never been a better time to find out more.

Find out what’s available and register your interest here.

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