Easy and active living – the future of Ginninderry transport

As part of the Ginninderry development a number of additions or upgrades to existing or planned roads, and associated infrastructure need to be implemented to support and improve access to the suburbs of Ginninderry.

To help achieve this, we’ve engaged a team of specialist advisors and designers whose purpose it is to devise a range of solutions to improve the existing Drake Brockman Drive (DBD) corridor. Under the plans, DBD will form one of the key access points to the development supporting cars, public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

Enabling our team to achieve our objectives also means engaging heavily with the community to inform this design and development phase of the project.

At the commencement of the DBD design work, a DBD Residents Group was established to serve as a formal extension of the local community groups involved in the development of the original master plan. Through regular contact with residents of the DBD and surrounding areas we’re able to not only provide a direct line of communication surrounding project advice and updates, but source their feedback and input to influence design and development of DBD. In doing so, we aim to deliver future transport solutions designed with the help of the community, for the community.

From these engagements we’ve developed an understanding of what people want from a transport and sustainability perspective. Calls for access to good public transport options and less reliance on cars are just two of the suggestions echoed by local community members. As such, Ginninderry will host a number of active transport initiatives benefitting cyclists and pedestrians. Further, planning at Ginninderry has been designed to ensure the layout of roads, paths and off-road corridors are optimised for pedestrians, bikes and buses with simple and direct routes for those riders. For those who do wish to drive, substantial road works will ensure smooth and efficient traffic flows, hopefully with an increasing proportion of electric cars.

What is really reassuring about our approach is the positive feedback we’ve received from the community and nearby suburbs, with many excited at having being included by the developer in the decision making process. There appears to be a general sense of appreciation from residents over being given a voice – a chance to have their say – to shape the various phases of the development and design process. In this sense it truly has become somewhat of a community project.

While we await feedback and approval from the ACT Government over stage one of the design phase, community engagement is set to continue, with meetings planned for every 2-3 months. Subject to receiving Government approval, work will commence as early as mid-2017 on the initial upgrades; the focus of which will be on safety improvements along the corridor. Additional works will also include improvements to bus stop access points, line markings and new pedestrian refuges to ease access across the corridor.

For more information over planned improvements, please contact the Ginninderry Information Centre on 6255 1158.

Imran Khan – Development Manager

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