A woman, a cat, and a circus acrobat! Meet Anneliese and Omary.

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Ginninderry residents are the heroes in our new campaign. In this series, families tell their stories about how they found inspiration in Ginninderry.

First up is Anneleise and Omary – we asked them a few questions to get to know them better.

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

We have an enormous German Shepherd at home and a very small little ragdoll cat who are our babies. Omary is an acrobat and he has travelled the world with the Cirque du Soleil. 

What do you love about Ginninderry?

I go for a walk very early in the morning so venturing out about 5:45am and I just see the Brindis and the sun coming up and it’s just beautiful. And there are cows there too… In the vineyards. I don’t know if they’re supposed be in the vineyards but sometimes they’re in the vineyards.

What is the community like?

When our process started, we joined the Facebook group. It was just like a bunch of really friendly, wonderful people. Jess, who’s the Sustainability Manager and Tuli and the other people at the Link, just provide this sort of comfort. They’ve got the answer for everything. It’s fantastic.

See more of their story in the video below…

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