They travelled all over the world and settled in their favourite place on earth.

Meet Anupma and Vivek.

Every day, the residents of Ginninderry help to write the story of this place we love to call home.

Anupma and Vivek live here with their son, who’s a student, and their cute little puppy. We asked them a few questions to get to know them better.

Tell us a little bit about ourselves?

As a family we’ve travelled and lived in a number of continents and these experiences have allowed us to witness a number of things. Living in Ginninderry is a nice culmination to all the experiences that we have had and it reminds us of some of the places we’ve lived in.


Which places does it remind you of? 

When we visited for the first time, we could see the Brindabella Ranges and those sunsets, they’re just so amazing. In the winter when it snows on the ranges, it reminds us of the low hill stations in India. And the sunsets remind us of a couple of those sunsets we witnessed in Africa. The bright colours out there are just amazing!


What is it like to be part of the Ginninderry community?

There’s a concentrated effort to build the community. We don’t have any family in Australia so that was really important to us. There’s a lot of education here about sustainable living, the kind of landscaping and gardening we need to do and once you participate in all these community events, you meet new people and make new friends.


What makes Ginninderry special?

Ginninderry really resonated with our way of living and our love for gardening. It’s all about sustainable living, about being kind to nature and being kind to yourself by living with nature. We thought it was really sensible that they didn’t just chop down the trees – they actually build around it and keep green patches between buildings. This isn’t just good for the environment, but it also makes it feel more established as a suburb.


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