A place to relive happy childhood memories and create new ones.

Meet the Okabe family.

Every day, the residents of Ginninderry help to write the story of this place we love to call home.

Samuel and Glory live here with their two little boys, Jeremiah and Elijah. We asked them a few questions to get to know them better.


Why did you choose Ginninderry?

In 2019 we were driving around Canberra with our baby in the backseat of the car, looking to buy a home. We came across Ginninderry and there was just no match! I’m a strong advocate for renewable energy, so that was a big selling point. The nature was beautiful and when they told us everything that they are planning for Ginninderry and its community, we straight away decided to make Ginninderry our home.


What do you love most about living here?

I love my evening walks and watching the sunsets. The air is clean and it’s just breathtaking. As a photographer, I can never get enough of the beauty.


What is Ginninderry like for people who’ve moved here from the other side of the world?

The community is very supportive and everyone is very friendly. Ginninderry reminds us of home. It brings back memories of how, when I was just a little girl, we used to go down to the river to play and feeling the sand on your feet and breathing in the fresh air. We wake up to that every day. It really is a place to call home.


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