SPARK and Manteena partnership kicks employment goals

The SPARK Ginninderry Training and employment initiative has achieved some major accomplishments this year including graduations, employment opportunities, high-quality building outcomes for the local community from live training sites and highly engaged students.

Another big achievement for SPARK is the successful partnership with Manteena who are building the Link at Ginninderry, a multipurpose centre for the whole community.

In all Ginninderry contracts for capital works and commercial land sales a mandatory social inclusion clause is included. This clause requires successful contractors to provide a certain amount of unpaid work experience placements and new jobs.  These positions are in addition to the contractor’s existing workforces.

The Link at Ginninderry contract was the first procurement contract for Ginninderry to include the mandatory training and employment clause.  As the successful proponent, Manteena is required to provide four one-week unpaid work experience placements and two newly created jobs.

This has created a great opportunities for a number of local residents who were looking to get their start in the construction industry.

Liam Simonsson, a Belconnen resident who is currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Building and Construction Management at the University of Canberra is one of those locals.  He commenced paid employment with Manteena on 15th August as part of the SPARK training and employment initiative.

Another success story is that of Kevin Tasker. Kevin was one of the participants from the Strathnairn Arts Pre-Employment Construction Program who completed a one week unpaid work experience placement with Manteena in September. Following the SPARK graduation in October, Kevin commenced paid employment with Manteena on site as the site labourer.

As part of the one-week unpaid work experience placements, Mitchell McEvoy, a year 10 student from Melba Copland College worked onsite at Ginninderry with the Manteena team and thoroughly enjoyed his placement.

The Link at Ginninderry project has two more unpaid work experience placements with Manteena in the New Year. The SPARK team will be targeting year 10 and 11 students from local high schools in Feb 2017.

Manteena has been extremely supportive and encouraging and we look forward to strengthening our working partnership with them, as Ginninderry grows and becomes a thriving community.

If you’re interested in getting involved in a SPARK program, click here for more information.

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