Meet Jessica Buckland—Ginninderry’s new Community Development & Liaison Officer

  • Photo of Ginninderry Community Development & Liaison Officer, Jessica Buckland

She’s come to Ginninderry with a mission to build an even stronger community—and as Jessica Buckland steps into her new role as the Community Development & Liaison Officer the future is looking vibrant.

Stepping into the role to replace the long-serving Tulitha (Tuli) King, it was Jess’ passion for community that drew her to the innovative and sustainable world of Ginninderry.

Previously working in customer care with Regal Homes, she says she is excited to use her skills to work with the residents and stakeholders to support them and their needs.

“I’ve been doing a lot of volunteering with Cohousing Canberra, trying to get a cohousing project off the ground in Watson, and then when I saw this role, it was the perfect way to blend my passion for community and holistic communities with all of my residential knowledge and experience,” she says.

“I’m hoping to continue the amazing work that Tuli and the residents have done and make sure that it’s a sustainable model that can grow with the community.”

With approximately 1,600 residents currently living in Ginninderry (with that number to eventually expand to 30,000), Jessica has many plans—including developing initiatives that genuinely support the community.

“[I plan on] continuing to foster that sense of community and making sure that that’s something the residents themselves can manage and be the custodians of well into the future,” she explains.

“I hope that we will have a vibrant group of happy people here that have a real sense of belonging and ownership of where they live. So, a group that wants to work together, wants to spend time together, and can really take pride in where they live and what they’ve built.”

Jess loves the longevity of Ginninderry, and as she dives deeper into her new role, she says she is excited to start immersing herself in the community to do what she can to help live up to its vision of being an inspiring place to live.

“It’s really exciting to work on something that’s so significant. And I love the importance and precedence of sustainability and social equity in this project. That’s quite unusual for a developer.”

And fun facts you should know about her? Not only is she a single mum to a gorgeous toddler, but she has a hobby that many would quake over.

“I have an advanced scuba diving license! I’ve spent 45 to 50 hours underwater in my lifetime.”

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