Inspiring a new way of living and a new generation of musicians

There is compelling research to suggest children exposed to music at a young age may have better learning potential than those who aren’t. Findings such as these are the inspiration behind Ginninderry’s decision to partner with the Canberra Symphony Orchestra (CSO) for their Education Program, Music in MY School. The program aims to provide inspiring and meaningful live classical music experiences to school students in the ACT.

Ginninderry’s support will allow CSO to hold live 45-minute performances featuring small groups of musicians and educational narrator in schools in the West Belconnen district. Attendance will be free for students. The concerts will be targeted for different ages and stages of development and supported by teaching material which the school’s teachers can use before and after the concert experience.

In Belconnen the CSO Music in MY School program is projected to reach as many as 15 schools – with three concerts in each – and over 2000 students in Belconnen alone.

A meeting with the Principal and Music Teacher of Kingsford Smith School where members of the CSO Education Program outlined the project was met with great enthusiasm. Paul Branson, Principal said “We are very grateful for the support we have been receiving from Ginninderry, from the SPARK program to the Open Space Planning project, arts based activities and now this wonderful music ed program”.

Frances Corkhill, Partnerships Manager at the CSO said “Partnerships are the lifeblood of the CSO and it is through visionary collaborations such as the partnership with Ginninderry, that the CSO can continue to make music accessible to more people through innovative education and community programs”.

Our community manager Susan Davis speaks for all of us here at Ginninderry when she says, “We’re proud to be working with CSO to give these opportunities to Canberra’s young budding musicians, and we hope to continue our partnership in the future.”

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