Wednesday 17 August 2016
By andrew.kominek

The Ginninderry project will potentially involve the construction of 11,500 dwellings at a reasonably steady rate over a 30 to 40 year period. This will involve the importation to the site of a large volume of products with a very high level of commonality – in simple terms, the same products will be used in many houses. This provides the potential for the application of supply chain management techniques to improve the efficiency of the importation and distribution process.

We are looking into a supply chain solution depot and management centre at Ginninderry (a 1–2 ha site within the landfill) which will act as a distribution centre and delivery service area for construction materials on site. The depot will decrease the number of delivery vehicles (including articulated lorries) travelling to the construction sites and result in fewer unnecessarily early deliveries – without a consolidation centre, deliveries from further afield would generally arrive early to avoid late delivery penalties. This leads to certain logistical problems including trucks waiting to be unloaded at site, causing local congestion issues.