Friday 5 May 2017
By andrew.kominek

It is not our intention to supply gas to homes within stage 1, however it is currently a requirement of the ACT Government’s Estate Development Code that gas is provided to all residential blocks.

Whilst gas may not be reticulated to your home, a gas main will be installed in the main road that could provide for the future schools and market centre. This main may also enable reticulation of gas to future homes if deemed appropriate at a future point in time.

Ginninderry propose to seek an amendment to the current Estate Development Code requirement to remove the requirement for supply of gas to homes within stage 1 on the basis of extensive studies that have been undertaken that show that household energy needs are best met via installing solar panels and using electrical household appliances within your home. A waiver of this requirement has already been granted for Stage 1 of Ginninderry. This approach will result in significant lower energy charges compared with homes that are supplied with both gas and electricity and provides for a more sustainable energy solution to meet your home’s needs.  It will also ensure you are best placed to benefit from a potential future ‘micro grid’ at Ginninderry that may provide additional energy savings and benefits. These studies can be supplied on request by contacting the Ginninderry team.

The Ginninderry Housing Development Requirements require homes at Ginninderry to include electrical hot water systems (solar or heat pump) and electrical air conditioning systems if required.  Whilst it is Ginninderry’s intention that a gas connection not be provided to your block, a bottled gas supply may an alternative if you still wish to install gas cooking or other gas appliances (e.g. BBQ) within your home. However before considering gas cooking you are also encouraged to consider induction cooktops as a alternative that can provide for an equal if not better substitute over conventional gas cooktops. Compared with gas cooktops, induction cooktops are far more energy efficient, cook more quickly and are easier to keep clean whilst they also allow for finely tuned temperature settings and cooking control. For this reason induction cooktops are often the preferred means of cooking of many professional chefs. We would encourage you to attend a cooking demonstration at the Link building that compares the performance of gas with induction cooking. Keep an eye on the website for cooking demonstration times.

By committing to purchase a block at Ginninderry you are committing to purchase into a new community with a vision to be a sustainable community of international significance. Ginninderry believes that today the most sustainable method of meeting your household energy needs is through the application of the Household Energy Systems as included in the Housing Development Requirements. Whilst this does not necessarily exclude gas at this stage, a cost benefit analysis shows that if you are prepared to buy a block at Ginninderry and invest in a solar panel system for your new home then the most economical, environmental and socially responsible way to supply your household energy needs at this point in time is not through the supply of gas to your home.