Elf on the Shelf

  • This event has passed.

Welcome to our Elf on the Shelf competition. Solve the riddle below, find Jeffrey and take a selfie. If you are a member of the Ginninderry Locals Facebook page share your selfie with your neighbours on the thread of the day!

Day eight Tuesday 5 December

“Where colours dance in vibrant spree, On a canvas for all to see. The elf hides amidst an artist’s tale, In a mural where imaginations prevail.”

Day seven Monday 4 December

“Where woofs and tails will soon take flight, In a space where pups find delight. Seek the elf where canine hearts will bark, At a future haven in the park.”

Day six Sunday 3 December

“Amidst aroma’s gentle waft, At a place where coffees are craft. Find the elf where flavors entwine, In a café where moments align.”

Day five Saturday 2 December

“Where a patch of green awaits its fate, Soon to be a feast, a communal plate. Volunteers needed, the elf is near, In a future food haven, bring cheer.”

Hint: If you are unfamiliar with this future project check out the Development Projects page to find Jeffreys  location.

Day four Friday 1 December

“Where nature’s gate opens wide, In a passage where creatures reside. The elf waits where conservation’s begun, At the threshold where wilderness is spun.”

Day three Thursday 30 November

“High above, where vistas gleam, At a park where dreams take esteem. The elf resides with a view so grand, Where rolling hills and skies expand.”

Hint: A place to sit down with a picnic, shoot some hoops or climb amongst the ‘trees’, surrounded by walls of stone…..


See previous riddles below;

Day two Wednesday November 29

“Amidst greens where clubs find their swing, Where fairways stretch and birdies sing. Seek the elf where tees and holes convene, A spot where golfers’ dreams careen.”

Hint: You can play outside here and also have dinner & a drink with views of the Brindabellas…..


Day one

Where Taekwon-do kicks and choirs sing, Yogis find peace and knitting’s fling. In this hub of varied grace, The elf finds solace in this place.

Hint: This space holds many uses, you may have been here to buy your block, attend community consultation or even just popped in to say g’day.


November 28, 2023 @ 8:00 am
December 9, 2023 @ 9:00 pm