Ginninderry is being developed by a Joint Venture between the ACT Government and Riverview Developments Pty Limited, with Riverview Projects acting as project manager. The Riverview companies are associated with the Corkhill family group of companies.

At Ginninderry, the ACT Government and Riverview Projects are committed to creating a world-class development with the highest standards of urban design and sustainability.

The Riverview Projects team

  • David Maxwell – Managing Director
  • Stephen Harding — Project Director
  • Tony Carey — Strategic Adviser
  • Tony Adams — Strategic Adviser
  • Imran Khan — Project Development Manager
  • Emma Sckrabei — SPARK, Training and Employment Manager
  • Ashleigh Johnston — Spark, Administrator
  • Ross Hincksman — Sales Consultant
  • Niva Pryor — Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Marcus Dodds – Content Marketing Administrator
  • Cathy Liu — Sales and Marketing Coordinator
  • Susan Davis — Community and Cultural Planning Manager
  • Hoa Luu — Design Manager
  • David Roberts — Resource Recovery Manager
  • Jessica Stewart — Sustainability Manager
  • Alexia Mudruk — Office Manager / Accountant
  • Anthony Johnston — Finance Manager
  • Zoe Carter — Accounts Assistant
  • Kathryn Rodwell – Office Administration Assistant
  • Peter Bartholomew – Office Admininstration Assistant
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