Pro Hart Avenue Ashphalt Works

Huon Contractors will soon be undertaking restoration works on Pro Hart Avenue (formerly Stockdill Drive) in Holt. The location of the works will be between the Drake Brockman Drive intersection and Lionel Rose Street. The road in this area contains multiple depressions in the asphalt and the edges are in poor condition. To ensure the road is safe for users, Huon Contractors will be laying new asphalt and reconstructing the road shoulders.


The area of works covers Pro Hart Avenue from the Drake Brockman Drive intersection to Lionel Rose Street.


Works will involve overlaying the asphalt with another layer, as well as removing and rectifying any areas where the pavement is excessively failing. A gravel shoulder will be installed along the verge of the southern lane, and the northern verge will be re-graded to better shape the v-drain, as well as installing a subsoil drain to help remove excess moisture from this area and hopefully help prevent any future wheel rutting.


Asphalt works will commence on Monday 14th October and be completed on Tuesday 15th October. Works to the verges will follow, commencing on Wednesday 16th October, with an expected completion date of Tuesday 22nd October. Working hours will be from 7:00 am – 5:00 pm.

During this period, traffic conditions will be changed dependent on the works taking place. The road will still remain open at all times, however, there will be many instances where a lane closure under stop-slow will be required to safely complete the works. Asphalting works on Monday and Tuesday will be under a one-lane closure for the entirety of the day.

We ask that road users be mindful of the speed signs and workers in the area. In periods of lane closures, although the delays are anticipated to be short, it is recommended that road users try to navigate to their destination using alternate routes during this period.

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