Ginninderry welcomes recent visit from Papua New Guinea delegation

Ginninderry is a long term, large project with a number of unique characteristics, particularly the cross-border nature of the project and the fact that it is being developed under a public/private joint venture arrangement.

These characteristics have attracted interest from planning and land professionals locally and now also internationally.

Today Ginninderry was honoured to be able to host a delegation from Papua New Guinea (PNG). The delegation included representatives from the PNG Government State Solicitors Office, National Research Institute, and Treasury, and the consultancy Niugini Land and Properties on a visit to Canberra sponsored by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby. The purpose of the visit was to investigate and further progress the PNG Governments investigations into a revamped land titling system and potential Government involvement in planning and land development.

Private land in PNG is held under leasehold rather than freehold, similarly to Canberra, and so Canberra is of particular interest, and developments often cross Province borders with similar jurisdictional issues that are being experienced at Ginninderry. The delegation was also meeting with The Environment Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate and the Denman Prospect project developers. At Ginninderry we were able to brief them on the detailed and complex process that has been undertaken to resolve issues associated with cross-border servicing, the environmental assessment and master planning process, affordable housing initiatives (particularly the Ginninderry Flexi-Living homes) and land tenure and titling arrangements that facilitate land development under a leasehold system.


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