Take it outside!

WORDS Jonas Cormick from Change Fitness
As the weather gets warmer, there’s never been a better time to take your fitness routine outdoors.

Jonas Cormick from Change Fitness in Belconnen has put together this simple but highly effective routine that can be done at your local park or even just in your backyard. Aside from burning calories, you’ll also be getting in your daily dose of Vitamin D (don’t forget sunscreen) and a mental health boost from being outside in the fresh air. All you need is a park bench or a level wall about knee height and a patch of grass, so grab a hat, water bottle and towel and head outside.

Circuit Session
Warm up by going for a light run around the park for 3-4 minutes. Then complete this circuit 3 times with a 2-3 minute rest between each round. This will give you a 45-minute workout.


1. In & Out Squat Jumps

Start with your stance at hip-width apart. Jump up and land with your legs in a wide low squat hold. Jump back up into the starting stance then back into the wide squat.
Perform for 45 seconds/45 seconds rest

2. Push Ups/Incline Push Ups

Using the bench or ground, start in the plank position, lying face down with your hands under your shoulders and on your toes (or knees). Lower your body towards the ground until you are a fist height off the ground. Then push through your palms upwards to the starting position.

Perform for 45 seconds/ 45 seconds rest

3. Plank with Lateral Knee Tucks

Using the bench or ground, start in the plank position. Drawing your belly button into your spine, lift your right leg up to the side of your body towards your right elbow, so that you feel a contraction in the side of your abdominals. Bring your leg back to starting position and perform on the opposite side, alternating between each leg.

Perform for 45 seconds/ 45 seconds rest.

4. Step Up with Knee Tuck

Stand hip-width apart in front of the bench. Step your right leg up on to the bench while bringing your left leg all the way up to a right angle towards your belly button. Step back down to the ground in your starting position and alternate between each leg.

Perform for 1 minute/ 2 minutes rest.

5. Alternating Side Lunges

Standing up tall with legs hip-width apart, step out to the side with your right leg bending your knee as you push your hips back. Push back off that right leg returning to your starting stance. Alternate sides.

Perform for 45 seconds/45 seconds rest
Cool down and stretch


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