Work Experience Brings Together Ginninderry and Future Architect Alyssa Rodwell

Recently we welcomed our latest work experience student to Ginninderry. Alyssa Rodwell spent almost two weeks from the April 30th to May 9th on the team. Alyssa plans to go into architecture in the future, so she spent her time with us working with our Design Manager, Hoa Luu. Just before her work experience period finished, we sat down with Alyssa and talked to her about her experiences at Ginninderry.

Here’s what she had to say:


What were you doing before you came to Ginninderry?

I’ve just finished my first three years of Uni doing a Bachelor of Arts and Architecture at the University of Canberra. Before I do my last two years of Masters in architecture my aim is just to get as much work experience and internship within the industry as I can.


Why did you choose Ginninderry as the place for your work experience?

My Auntie is Kathryn, who works here, and she mentioned to her mum – my grandma – that they were building a new residential development out here that was going to be the first cross border development in the Capital Region, and then basically from there I was interested in it so then Nan asked about it for me and they got my details that way. While waiting for responses I looked up Ginninderry and got familiar with the website and studied it a bit.


What have you been doing while you were working with us?

Basically, first I read up on Ginninderry itself and what exactly is in here. I got familiar with everything there. Then I started to look at the EOI* and the demonstration housing, then moved on to the Territory Plan and understanding the codes and regulations that you have to stay within when building on the blocks at Ginninderry. Now basically I’m working on a portfolio, from start to finish, of everything I’ve read and learnt so that they match the restrictions of the Territory Plan or the living housing code.

*Expression of Interest


Do you think working at Ginninderry has been a valuable experience?

100% yeah. I’ve learnt a lot. Some things I was familiar with, like the Territory Plan which I knew about but not in too much depth, but my experience with Ginninderry has opened my eyes to the codes and regulations before you can actually build a building. It’s definitely been worth it and helped me in the long run.


Did you enjoy your time here?

Yes. The people are lovely. My Auntie works here so she was very happy about that. Yeah, I enjoyed it very much.


Where to next for you?

Basically, what I plan to do is just to get as much work experience as I can in Canberra, I’m not really sure where at the moment. I’ve been sort of reaching out to architects themselves, I’ll hopefully get a part-time job within a firm. That’s what I’m hoping for, a part-time job anywhere doing architecture. Then in a year, maybe two years’ time I’ll move to Melbourne and complete my two years of master’s after I have good experience behind me.



Since working with us, Alyssa has already gone on to find an internship at AMC Architecture. It was great to work with her and we wish Alyssa all the best in her future endeavours.

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